Prison Systems and Justice Ideals





Regressively Immoral Penalties for Drug Possession etc




Baltimore Cop Exposes Racist Police Tactics

Killing in the Name of – Rage against the Machine

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Trial Song – Chronotrigger


Corel Prison – Final Fantasy 7


Just a private note.. move this comment to my private notes

I just realized that there was a “heroes in prison” scene in each of of my favorite video games as a child.  Final Fantasy 3, 7, and Chronotrigger.  These were a lot of people’s favorite games in the genre, for good reason.  Many games were designed as offshoots of these original classics, but the offshoots were half-assed attempts to make money on previous theatrical acheivements.

GOOGLE ARTICLES about nonviolent prisoners etc


—-Black Lives Matter

“The Police Killings No One Is Talking About”: Native Americans Most Likely to be Killed by Cops

Native American lives are being killed by police at a higher rate than any other group in the country – but these deaths are rarely reported covered in the media.

PART 2: Native Americans Most Likely to be Killed by Police Than Other Groups, Investigation Reveals

US police killed more people in March than UK did in 20th century – report

American Cops Kill With Startling Frequency Compared To Other Nations

The Most Dangerous Cops On The Planet Live In…

Why The U.S. Has More Prisoners Than Any Other Country

Poll: Americans Think Prejudice Is Okay

Michelle Alexander: Locked Out of the American Dream


Trump Team Can’t Wait To Fill More Private Prisons With Minorities

American Cop In Canada Wishes He Had His Gun Because…

Police Mentality & What To Do About It | Michael A. Wood Jr. Interview

Honesty Is The Worst Thing A Cop Can Do For His Career

FBI Investigates White Supremacist Police Force Infiltration  (effort reduced and called off, read and quote)

Trump Wants Nationwide Stop-And-Frisk

Donald Trump’s Stop-and-Frisk Proposal Exposes America’s Ugly Past (keep or remove?)

Traffic Courts Are Driving Inequality in California

google story…

is it a crime to be poor?

criminalizing the homeless

Ex-Baltimore Cop Michael Wood Jr. Exposes Corruption & Brutality

Debtors’ Prisons: Life Inside America’s For-Profit Justice System (Part 1/2)

Police Killings Won’t Stop Until U.S. Comes to Grips with its Racist Foundations

Baltimore Cop Michael Wood On Racist, Abusive Police Culture – Interview w/ Cenk Uygur (short edit)

Johns Hopkins Discussion on Policing w/ Police Scientist Michael A. Wood Jr.

The Huge Problem With For-Profit Prisons


Bill Hicks Gun Control

Bill Hicks (L.A. Riots/Rodney King)   (remove one of these)

Police Work NOT the Most Dangerous Job in America

The ‘Most Dangerous Jobs in America’ List

Police Using Car Hoods To Block Dash Cams

Cops Beat Man Bloody Then Arrest Him For Bleeding On Them

Police Murder Confused Elderly Man

cops shoot 12 year old with toy gun

Cops Tackle 11-Year-Old Girl And Holds Her At Gunpoint

When School Cops Go Bad: South Carolina Incident Highlights Growing Police Presence in Classrooms

Trump Campaign Chair Resigns After Racist Comments

Terence Crutcher | Statistics Behind The Tulsa Police Shooting

Ferguson Protest Leader Shot And Burned

CONSIDER ALONGSIDE RISE IN POLICE VIOLENCE – police trained like military, or just in a worse way

More Prison Time For Drug Offenders. STUDY


From Slavery to Mass Incarceration, Ava DuVernay’s Film “13th” Examines Racist U.S. Justice System

The National Anthem Verse We Don’t Sing Anymore

Unarmed Man Shot At By Cop While Trying To Save Daughters Life

Cop Fired For NOT Killing Someone – TYT

Nationwide Prison Strike Launches in 24 States and 40 Facilities over Conditions & Forced Labor


Sam Harris casually whitewashing the problems with the American Justice System.

quote Harris about how he thinks identity is irrelevant to political truth seeking..

Sam Harris on Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter Ban, The Alt-Right, and Identity Politics

Sam Harris, classical authoritarian thinker, whitewashing the outcomes of the justice system..

Sam Harris supports torture, supports domestic surveillance programs, wars, etc.. ?

—- Do I care enough to quote him?

—- it’s probably not worth my time …

Entire Indiana Police Force Quits

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