Anti War Movement in America

An anti-war movement should be a stable presence.  Professional diplomats should serve its purpose as official representatives.  Peace is normal.  Security and peace are synonymous.

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INTENTIONALLY CARELESS INVASIONS FOR INTIMIDATION (acting crazy so no one will think of reasoning with us)





War Crimes are Terrorist Attacks and Cause International Anarchy

cite particular war crimes, iraq etc

lot of unenjoyable research to do

The War on Terror is Criminally Executed

… add discussion of the war on terror and its negative effects on American freedoms and the well-being of other nations.

STUDY: Media Ignores Most Terrorist Attacks


An overzealous popular militarism is actually bad for the military.  Its expression risks our own lives, and innocent lives overseas.

Military culture has to die.  There is no military culture.  What’s military culture?  It’s the collective agreement to forfeit respect.  It’s not everyone’s job to draw out the military war map.  Many of our representatives are dangerous people, and we have made them that way.

After 9/11 we met terrorism with terrorism.  Most wars we’ve seen happen were just blatant terrorism for the sake of terrorism.  America has been one of the worst offenders, even before 9/11 happened.

Average Christians with technology of mass destruction are even more dangerous than Islamic Jihad or the Jewish State.  I’ve met them.  The world is their Risk board.

It’s very important to remember that Christians who call themselves capitalist are actually Satanists who want to look good.  There is no such thing as a Christian Capitalist in the real world.  Christians who say they are hunting Satan are actually making an enemy of American youth, feminine values, drug users, Native Americans, and East Indian and Asian culture generally.

The military is where brain-damaged people go to get more enthusiastic about their own stupidity.  You forfeit real life to be praised by the worst among our people.  You are the source of degeneracy in our higher culture.  You are the dumbest and most violent Americans.  You are no more moral than street gangs or the “Klan.”  To the mob, to the capitalist, and to the military, appearances are more important than reality.

You drag down American culture AND global culture.

American military culture has a plan to override and ultimately end the uniquely American freedoms and civilian protections, human rights, that our forefathers secured for us.  They destroyed the native american’s connection to their ancestors, and now they are destroying our own.

The American military is an enemy of human rights and freedom.  It’s main goal is to betray our ancestors and make the world meaningless.

Here’s my vote of no confidence to the military and it’s leadership.  The military is where evil goes to exist when a man’s intelligence fails his own culture.  When a community fails to be wise and philosophical, a modern soldier is born.

American soldiers should repent of their collective Satanism.  Our generals should be charged and jailed.

Military culture is the opposite of the highest ideals of our forefathers.

If anything is the devil, it is slavery and military culture.  If you identify with military culture, you’re a low-life elitist.  Higher values are alien to you and yet you pretend to understand them.

The one thing that prevents the development of human intelligence worse than the NFL is a young person who chooses to join the military.  I would insult soldiers to their face but they would enjoy it too much.

You are the embodiment of the devil.  You lie as you appeal to religion.  You work for liars without question.  You should be publicly shamed for using the Christian religion in the same way that the Zionists use Judaism and the Jihadists use Islam.  You are the embodiment of death.

On a repeated generational basis, you choose to participate in causing continuous cultural and personal damage by a vexing combination of propaganda, carelessness, and ill intent.  There is no excuse for a fully conscious person to be in the American military with its current (or past) self-perceived missions and the radically unenlightened zealotry in its leadership.  Your own people are against you.  You’re a disgrace to humanity and a tool of oil companies and racists.

The military is a mental institution designed to build confidence in those without the necessary intelligence to do real work.

Military leadership should be actively defamed, specifically and personally.  And the top officials, past and present, should be arrested and charged by international laws concerning crimes of war.

The generals are mystically minded devil children playing the long game of U.S.-Israeli ownership, domination, and terror.

Modern prosperity gives Americans a great opportunity to be smart.  I give thanks for this every day.  

Soldiers choose the opposite.  Dumbest Americans I have ever seen.  No sense of morality or higher values.

Taking responsibility would mean quitting the military and taking a principled position.

American soldiers need to take real responsibility in life, instead of taking orders and slaps on the ass. 

Practice archery if you really have to shoot something.

Every time an imperialist claims eternity for his own, an angel gets shot in the face.  Way to go America.  

Use your God-given intelligence.   You are worshippers of hired killers and mercenary thieves.

Contribute to the anti-war effort.

embed “picture” of Jesus Christ

American citizens who join the military kill more innocent people than Jihadi terrorists.

If you join the military, I can only assume that you like terrorism so much you want to be around it all the time.

Especially in this current set of wars, American military personnel should never be trusted.  They aren’t a serious organization anymore, they simply perceive themselves to be serious.  Socially conscious people can’t take the military leadership or the government seriously anymore.  Maybe they can earn back our trust far in the future, one by one as they quit their jobs.  

They have a political representation, but it is an enemy of the domestic population.  Their only philosophy is violence and their only god is power.  They require our worship and veneration to keep continually committing crimes and brushing off responsibility.  We wash the blood from their hands with our acceptance and lackadaisical intellectualism.  We created the conditions for the existence of the enemy we’re fighting.

We should replace our leaders with people who don’t have a mystical attitude toward murder.

Socially conscious American citizens are disgusted by their servicemen because of their personal ignorance and lack of care for knowledge of their own missions.  Honor and principles were sacrificed before the mission began.  Not noticing this is a moral failing.

You are death.  You protect no one.  Honor is a hypothetical to an American soldier.  Knowledge is the first sacrifice.

Take real responsibility, instead of your military duty with a faux brain and a faux soul.  You’re an actor in the theater of war.  You have fun being an empty tool of the devil to feel alive, and that’s all you are because you chose that over science or spiritual seeking.

My country’s soldiers have no political knowledge, no philosophical knowledge, no understanding of their own mission.

Our leaders make sure they have no realistic purpose.

America is the brightest shame under heaven. 

Your enemy is the Son of Man.

Many veterans deserve respect.  Just not most of them.

Start a “Jail the Generals” movement.

It’s a public organization.  We can see that our strategies are open crimes.  The government can only hide so much.

The military has nothing to do with democracy.  It never has, and it never will.

If there is no anti-military-culture movement, then there will be no effective anti-war movement.  

American culture generally has never commited to being a moral force at home or abroad.

Appearances of moral superiority are central to any military’s propaganda.  Military culture must be destroyed to save the true ideals of American culture.

As an honest, socially conscious American Citizen and democratic participant, I will personally spread the perception that our military is run by horrible people.

American Soldiers don’t know what freedom is.  They don’t live it.  They don’t represent it.  They protect nothing but death, the heart of terror.

We need to collectively dishonorably discharge these fucking idiots.

Congress must repent of it’s terrorism.

Drone Operators Killed Children, Called Them ‘Fun-Size Terrorists’


wes clark on democracy now.. full interview on this post or imperialism post

collect videos, statistics, war crime news stories, best arguments

google nationalprioritiesproject

the evil of war includes all the aftermath that follows which is often disregarded “we don’t do body counts”

Obama Fulfills Neocon Promise To Expand Global War   ( How polite.. )

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America Can’t Bomb It’s Way To A Better Future


Why do people like the military?

Mental degeneracy, fake religiosity, sexuality, the finitude of materialism, failure to transcend animal nature, and power worship

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