Capitalism Exhibits Fiercely Malignant Socialization Which is Plainly Seen

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add post it notes … advocating jobs is socialism


fake individualism happens.  paradoxically divided collectivism happens.  Egoic retardation ensues with enthusiasm.

capitalists are socialized into being assholes about shallowly factual knowledge, with simplistic wordplay as currency of drunkenly manly acceptance and mocking rejectionism.  This is the level of “modern society.”  There is no society.  It’s meaningless without philosophical values.

corrupting influences reign.  People choose to believe they are animals.  society is socially vacuous and philosophically nihilistic, academic only on a utilitarian level, and lacking any understanding the basic human nature associated with religious practice.


Anti-Socialism Poster Warns Against Exactly What Capitalism Does


most corporations are not operated in a traditional libertarian spirit

exploring the idea that service sector corporations are fierce centers of socialization, with presumptuous/presumptions of social control, moral superiority, definition of work, style of thought, cultish necessitous behaviorism, and unquestionably thoughtless loyalty and time-restrictive obedience which amounts to control of daily life and meaningful habits of one’s personal work.  And perhaps worst of all, the assumption that their particular system is a logical consequence of the best way to run a society.. De-emphasis Valuelessness of Questions and calm focus in the moment on the gravity of immediate human situations/reality of human society as an absolute whole/ with all the depth of raw existence outside the behaviorist bubble of selfishly created routines and expected mannerisms, and over-emphasis on Valueableness of Statements and courteous interaction on a consumerist level with no striving beyond surface level appearance and assumptions and no conversation to any depth with basic maturity and indwelling dignity of humanity–> leads to empty outer culture –> suppression and death of soul


Service-sector corporations (a very dominant socially-strategic form of contemporary-modern companies) are centers of socialization, and they are self-aware of this without any sense of irony whatsoever.  They try to insert themselves into the collective mind as a significant part of the culture, or as being “the local culture” or a “community” or “integral to the local community”  This is all farce, except in the case of very specially created small businesses.  It should be taken as an insult to our basic humanity and to our children’s health and well-being.

All institutions have a socialist imperative, of varied style.  Corporations can’t be excluded from this consideration.  Some would like to act more like communist totalitarianism than the true ideal of American freedom.

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