Christianity’s Relationship to the Serpent Symbol

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Obviously it is the image of “our collective enemy” or “The Devil” or “Satan.”

It’s agreed upon perception, consciously willed or unconsciously willed, has been used to justify war and acts of aggression, violence, manipulation, degradation, denial, subduance, etc … for millenia.  It’s unspeakability has been the root of its persistence as a cultural “misperception” and its continued use-ability as a real weapon against other human beings.

The designation of the symbol of universal consciousness as the center of all evil has been a recurring opportunity to commit evil on a mass societal level.

It’s simultaneous identity with the body itself and all physical nature has been an excuse to throw the individual away with the ocean, in the sense of the cliche of the baby and the bathwater.

Those who hunt the devil are the first to become the devil.

Those who worship the image of the devil were the first religious people.  Man worshiped nature and its beauty long before the Gods, in images and words, were revered.

It is better to worship physics than to attack the holy spirit as the image of Satan.  It is better to be a hedonic epicurean than a warrior in the name of God.

note all relationships christianity’s mythology has to the serpent, which is an eternally recurring symbol and is associated with pre-christian “pagan” aboriginal societies

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