Cold Resistance and Heat Endurance

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Wim Hof

list of his records and accomplishments and near death exps..


google any of Wim Hof’s descriptions of his technique of breathing

I decided to try the “Wim Hof Technique”  You breath in with the word Wim and breath out with the word Hof, I think..

There is something about the “shape of his name” which helps direct awareness to fullness in the upper chakras if spoken simultaneously with a complete breath.  I don’t know how all mantras are supposed to work exactly, but there are very many vowel sounds, perhaps innumerable, which create and/or are created by varying geometries of the mouth/tongue/air-flow or whatever.  Perhaps some of these forms are more accommodating for one meditative intent than another, some for provoking energy to its highest peak and others for lowering your system to a non-active equilibrium.  Who knows how to navigate  ? not me..

(I was in a small space with no room to move around)

extreme rush of energy to the head, and upper body generally.  It was not like a rush of blood to the head, not at all like light-headedness.  But like the maximum amount of chi energy that one could handle without suddenly jolting out of the room and roaring at the sky as a reflexive result of having too much physical energy.  It was more than I expected to happen.  I was unready for the spontaneous feeling of power and I had no plans for the energy and no space to use it, so anxiety arose and cancelled it out, lowering the energy again back to my usual level.

Tedx Talk  charleston ninjas

Discovery Channel clip 9 min


Real Superhumans clip


daredevils documentary – The Ice Man


Wim Hof Rhonda Patrick Interview


Wim Hof Joe Rogan Interview



Wim Hof on Mastering Your Breath, Body, and Mind with Lewis Howes


Find hindu yogi and chinese tai chi comments on extreme heat and cold

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