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Capitalism, until it is perfected and humanized, is simply a form of slavery.  It’s not a civilized society.  It’s not a “culture.”  It has not proven itself to be the free expression of human ideals.  It is not the organic actualization of human potential.  It’s just an expression of social darwinism, barbaric pride, simplistic insanity, egoic callousness, externalization of unfulfilled damaged souls and damaged physical health, consequence of environmental poisons cycled back into the human biological system and expressed as stale conservatism.

Those of us who had wished that judgment of selfishness didn’t matter and that evil was just an illusion, and not a reality in the world, have been proven 100% wrong by the current social climate and its loudest reflections.  The world has become identical with suffering, desperation, pain, and toxicity.  The world is death.  It strives to be death, and it achieves death.

Where Does Slavery Still Exist?

VICE on HBO Debrief: Bonded Labor

include VICE doc slaves of dubai


Juxtapose Palm Island Project Story and TOOL – AENIMA

Evil Doctors Kidnapping Poor People For Their Kidneys

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