Existence of Infinity

LINK to “The Finite and the Infinite”

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Potential Infinities are Believable

Actual Infinity is unbelievable to many people, but loved by many

String theorists and modern cosmologists are now more open to its possibly than ever.  The observed expansion of the universe, the eternal inflation theory, multiversal quantum theories, the advancement of string theory into new dimensions… all of these suggest the possibility of a physical infinity.

Does infinity exist in the physical world?  Does infinity exist within and permeate the universe?  Or does infinity exist on the outer edge, if there is one?

Where do we find infinities in physics?

What is something real which we might call infinity?  The human mind/imagination?

If infinity exists(in the universe), it most likely is evident in life, or is directly related to life and the arising of DNA.

If infinity exists(in the universe), it must produce an action, either through life or at all points in space.

It is not unreasonable to view the physical form of life as a potential infinity.

Actualization of Infinity

Actualization of the Self

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