Eye of God, Eyes of the Creator, Mind of God

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In terms of writing, or art in general.. (or society’s style of existence at a particular time)

True understanding is coming to see the creation through the eyes of the creator.. so that you acquire an expanded view, the freedom of wholeness, a sense for future direction and a knowledge of why things are the way they are.  //

The Eye of God is the approach to perfect empathy through the appreciation of creativity.

The internalizing of man’s artistic and linguistic creations can give you a true sense of a the nature of man’s existence and the nature of “God”

Seeing a work through your own eyes is great.  Seeing it through the creator’s eyes in even greater.  Especially if this occurs many many times throughout your life.  In this, you have found the center which is either God/The Spirit or Man/The Mind Strategist/The Mental Competitor.

Until you have perceived the mind of an artist, or scientist, or artist, and become inspired by your correct perception of their acheivements and expressions, you have not lived.  Or you have not entered the realm of true understanding.

Why is it such a rare thing that one person truly understands another person? //

“When you see what someone means, in a very real sense, you are that person.”  – Terence Mckenna (find source…..)







“Like the octopi, our destiny is to become what we think, to have our thoughts become our bodies and our bodies become our thoughts. This is the essence of the more perfect Logos envisioned by the Hellenistic polymath Philo Judaeus—a Logos, an indwelling of the Goddess, not heard but beheld. Hans Jonas explains Philo Judaeus’s concept as follows:
A more perfect archetypal logos, exempt from the human duality of sign and thing, and therefore not bound by the forms of speech, would not require the mediation of hearing, but is immediately beheld by the mind as the truth of things.”

It’s not for nothing that Plato connected up the notion of the Good, the True, and ultimately, the Beautiful. The beautiful of those three concepts is the primary concept because it is visibly beheld, because it is seen. This is the great convincing power of the psychedelic experience. That it ultimately appeals to us through the sense that we value most. That we existentially relate to as the most authentic and that is the visual. Visible language is a kind of telepathy because if I make a statement in visual language and then you and I regard my statement, we are somehow, in the act of regarding, made one. Because meaning is not being created out of interiorized dictionaries which we each consult in the privacy of our own mind but rather meaning is a visible manifold in the public domain. Meaning goes public and the differences between people then decline toward being insignificant.  /// It’s a kind of final confirmation of the McLuhan apotheosis and I think visible language is coming. Life in the imagination is to be the life of creativity carried on through these virtual environments driven by linguistic engines. ///

The Terence McKenna OmniBus 2012 – 9/12 – “The More Perfect Logos”

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