Faith is a Luxury

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People have acted like faith is something you must have, or else you’re immediately excommunicated.  In that case, the faithful are insecure.  And that’s a direct contradiction of the principle of faith.  So we know that faith has very often been an expression of weakness wishing for the appearance of strength.  Faith in the style of pride is not beneficial to anyone.

Lack of faith in a god may create a bad environment for religious philosophy to be discussed, but that is not always the case.  Lack of faith in a spiritual reality may also create a bad environment for spiritual philosophy to be discussed, but that is also not always the case.  You have to start somewhere, and exclusive religion is a contradiction of itself.  The religious majority has not served humanity.

If we want to be completely honest, faith is a luxury.

//Practiced in silence by oneself.//

In some sense, faith in God is the ability to meditate.  It’s easier to meditate if you have a project that you know will make progress, even if you take a break from activity.  So in some sense, faith is a result of privilege.

If we want to be comprehensive, we should find all of the ideas that are associated with faith.  Faith in humanity.  Faith in God.  Faith in one’s own life in the future.  Faith in the design of society.

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