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LINK to “A Quest to Become One with The Earth – Part 2”

review saved session – articles about dangers of lawn herbicides-pesticides …

Less people work on farms today, for various reasons including machine-automated processes.

It may be a nice ideal that we all possess the ability to grow some of our own food and medicine.

What has ultimately become of America’s farms?  Big businesses, and international imports, have replaced a large number of small family operations.

What percentage of American Farms are certified organic now?  Less than 1%.

How has the food market been effected by the changes in America’s farm economy?

… less variety of crops grown locally … higher food prices ?

… When did local farmer’s markets arise?  After 1980s?

… SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL FARMING or so-called “conventional” farming is a propaganda term of the pesticide industry, they call golf courses “conventional” in the same way, and it doesn’t mean what it wants to appear to mean.  It’s a shallow cover for the continued toxification and ruination of the earth, contamination of food and water.  It’s a one major cause of the epidemic of autism, ADHD, other psychological disorders, and many cancers.

Farming strategies using synthetic chemicals can be assumed to be bad if it has not be clearly demonstrated or proven to be harmless.

Organic Farming is the only option to prevent mass disease and deadly environmental disasters.

Should the use of Nitrogen as a fertilizer be limited to “whole organic biological material sources” as opposed to isolated chemical ammonia?  The trifecta mineral fertilizer PNK being widely used, should perhaps be replaced with PK with a safer form of Nitrogen.

When were pesticides introduced into farming practice?  What year?

Almost all farms were organic before the 1920s… (around same time as lead introduction)

What percentage of American Farms are organic now?  Less than 1%.

How many farms were there in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s ???

1935 to 1985 American Farms reduced in number from 6.8 million 2.2 million, and down to 2.1 million as of the 2012 census.

list all my questions…

What should be government policy toward Farms and food markets?

… diversification of small farm’s products – google-add links

post related quotes, studies, relevant articles / books

Poisonous Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables and Processed Packaged Items without Organic Label

LIST CLEAN FIFTEEN THAT ARE OKAY TO BUY NON-ORGANIC — then look at possible reasons to buy organic anyway.  LESS NUTRITIONAL CONTENT if grown in non-organically approved soil, what else?


this is small list that people are given for quick reference and introduction, actually more than a dozen, list all … google search for info about known effects of ingesting pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Farm Crisis Becomes Nightmare With Big Business, Deregulation, and Environmental Damages

Points For Organic Farming:

Higher Nutrient Content in Foods

No Risk of Brain Damage and Cancer from Pesticides/Herbicides

Oversight for Environmental Protection and Prevention of Toxic Factors

Points Against Industrial Farming Practices:

Torture of Animals

Brain Damaging and Cancer Causing Pesticide/Herbicide Use

Decreased Nutrient Content in Foods

Environmental Destruction Factors:  Loss of Topsoil — what is cause of mineral depletion???


The midcentury –>1980’s farm crisis, following by the rise of factory farms, corporate farms, big agrochemical business.

How is the farm crisis in India similar or different?

A lot of research to do …

Compare Farm Crisis in USA > Farm Crisis in EUROPE > Farm Crisis in CANADA > Farm Crisis in ASIA / INDIA


Farm Boy

Wind Wolf

Final Fantasy VII – World Map Theme

Interrupted by Fireworks

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