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compare to ancient people and mystical people valuing and “taking advantage” “being blessed” by the same phenomenon

This problem with describing this phenomenon generally, is that the variability of the experience is infinite.  Much more variable than personality, or physical variability.  The uniqueness of the experience is catered to one’s spiritual potential and intellectual potential; the potential of one’s future for creative becoming, and all possible meanings resident in one’s past.

All past information/situations/interactions/ideations, as well as all present, can be used by the peculiar intent of the voices’ presentations.  This can give the appearance of higher (or lower) beings seizing control from or giving opportunities to the subject.  In other words, it can get much weirder than clinical psychiatry is willing to deal with.  Ancient religion was more creatively accustomed to coping with such experiences.  Having grounded personalities on the human level is always good for people who have these psychic disturbances.  Grounded personalities are scarce because of capitalist society and its aims.  The modern world’s sanity is a shielding from contemplation of complex and deeper human experience.  There are large islands of creativity surrounded by small islands of rationality surrounded by a sea of what we would wish to not think about.

Anderson Cooper tries a schizophrenia simulator

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