How To Transition to Renewable Energy Away From Fossil Fuels Quickly

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Observing the Transition To Renewable Energy

We are all very interested in observing the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like solar.  But we know it has been proceeding too slowly, and we want to know all the ways we can speed it up.

This has led people to take a back seat and be passive observers about issues of large-scale environmental impact.  Other people are thinking, “Get it over with and declare fossil fuel use to be illegal, for most applications.”

Energy is so fundamental to society, many people view energy as something in the background of their lives and take it as a given.

The urgency is on point, very real and catastrophically dangerous scenarios are approaching.  That said – It really is a market transition.  Optimism about technical development asserts that we can regard it as a market transition in progress, making good time.  Energy could be regarded as the core of the economy, a very fundamental aspect, even the foundation itself.   Outlawing the old energy industry suddenly – in order to simply phase it out immediately – before the full transition is technically feasible would create too much chaos and lack of basic functional operation in society’s processes.

There is much that can be done to speed up the process.  We can look to influence the transition by halting subsidies, reversing into a program to subsidize renewable energy tech, think of strategies to create disincentives to continuing fossil fuel extraction and use, and finally outlawing extraction and use.  All these choices may be too little too late, and too slow.  And an integrated effort may have been appropriate from the beginning.

It may become important to “Nationalize the Oil Industry” – and quickly divert all its revenue into new technology, or ecological research and restoration efforts.  Without some kind of decisive government action, it will never be phased out even after transition to solar, and the earth will become increasingly uninhabitable for humans.

If the transition is to be made without nationalization of the industry, then simply outlawing fossil fuel extraction-and-use, at the proper moment as the final stages of the transition are fulfilled, would have the effect of hastening the full phase-out.  Can we rely on a simply economy transition managed by “market forces” and then outlaw fossil fuels when the majority of the economy has made the switch?  Or has that faith been the worst mistake humans have ever made?

We may think that nationalization of the industry is necessary now, and we may choose to believe it was always necessary.

It may be seen as the only most immediate solution to an increasingly immediate problem.

This is Life vs Death

It may be the most rational thing to yell from the rooftops:



That may have made for the speediest transition, from the outset.  We could be decades late with the nationalization and reformation of the energy industry, intelligently hastened by public management.  Or the corporatist may assume the transition has been proceeding as fast as it could be, with the pace of technical advancement as it is.  If we are very close to completion of the full transition now, then the strategy of “nationalization with compensation” may just be a charitable pay-off to a dying industry, a gift of value that is destined to be lost in the next decade.

Time is of the essence, and we may soon see that billions of lives could have been saved by government manipulation of the energy market and strong subsidies toward research, energy tech development, ecological restoration, preservation-conservation efforts.

Given how central energy is to society, and the damage being done, it may be the one profitable industry most appropriately owned and managed by the state power.  The transition to solar is bound to make energy cheaper in the long run, so the cost of energy would only go up temporarily if the private energy production is more “efficient” than national management.

US Military Under Attack By Climate Change

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The Earth and Humanity’s Well-Being and the Advancement of Intelligence VS Profit Motivation and Selfish Aspiration and Evil or Ignorant Action

It seems that people have made their choice.

Private ownership of the production and sale of oil and coal can no longer be viewed as morally allowable.

Phasing out fossil fuels will be resisted furiously by Lead-brained morons the world over.

Motor Travel will have to be much less frequent until newer technologies are developed by government funded R&D Programs.

All sources of emissions must be restricted legally by strict regulation immediately.

Brain-impaired government officials have a strange attitude toward emergencies.  They don’t believe in most of them.

Unless the government buys out the oil industry and makes specific goals, billions will die as the world becomes less habitable to humans and our animal friends…  Emergencies will become commonplace and the necessary infrastructure to deal with them will be gone.

Start a new political order.  People are doing what they can in their little sphere, but it’s clear that people don’t want to know this.

Subsidize renewable energy by severely tax carbon and methane.

Carbon emission standards, and “global emission budget” is creating a false sense of security among “leaders.”

We have to take the oil industry away from profit seekers.

It’s not a viable industry.  It has never been harmless to anyone.

— continue research

We’ve begun taxing carbon emissions.  That’s a slow start to a quickly developing problem.

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