Is the structure of the total universe a cyclical series of fractally interconnected hyper-spheres? Toroids with Mobius surfaces? Or is it a fundamentally flat infinite boundaryless expanse of uncountable dimensions with no fundamental shape or form to be known? How difficult is it to measure the fundamental total structure of the universe with a global network of telescopes? How long until we nail it down?

What is our place in such a universe and what geometries are most fundamental to living systems? How does the world of Chaos Dymanics relate to the Big Bang, fractals and information theory, the flow of quanta, the emergence of novel forms, biological process, and the generation of new life?

Will a comprehensive physical theory be forever out of reach? Will the theory of everything yield the ultimate technology? Or will the ultimate technology yield the theory of everything? How many paradoxes will we find before coming to ultimate clarity? These are some of the questions that will be considered in this blog.

The ancient Greeks grouped the subjects of number, geometry, music, and cosmology into the Quadrivium. These are still central areas of human education and exploration.
Many hope these areas of human thought can unite into a shared vision of universal energy formation. Number was seen as the unitary monad, the foundation of all things. Every number is actually the number one. All numbers come from the one and return to the one. Geometry was seen to be the study of number in space. Music was seen to be the study of number in time. And cosmology of number in space and time unified.

In the physics of today, levels of the cosmos are populated by fields of geometry. Numbers are seen as contextually generated derivations of that fundamental underlying geometry. Recent discoveries in the world of nanotech have shown that the specificities of Quantity and Quality will appear different based on the scale of consideration and position in a relative context. But geometry can represent the whole, a universally extendable understanding of the totality of physical process.

The geometry of contemporary physics and the geometry worshipped as sacred, are showing fundamental similarities. These geometries are studied by opposed groups of minds, and as such are not generally considered together. Let’s watch as the accumulation of information resolves itself into a theory of all forms. Can we come to absolute knowledge of the subjective and objective worlds by uniting geometrical Chaos Dynamics with Bio-Physics and Sacred Geometry? Where does the middle world of human experience fit into the unification of the geometrical flows of General Relativity, Electromagnetism, and Quantum Holography?

The topics covered on this website are vast, multivariant, and interrelated.
The values expressed are for the freedom of information, coming to a deep clarity of esoteric understanding, the exploration of all arts, recognition of knowledgable authorship and sublime poetic versatility. Join me and these outstanding authors in a fury of creative visualization. See all information as a physical totality. Discover new relationships.. within the Vortex.

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