Job Skills and Stable Industries

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The Anti-Concept of Job Skills and the Non-Existence of Stable Industries / The Loss of the Dignity of Work and Society as a Personal Insult Directed at Students

You may train to enter a very specific type of work.  And there may be certain things you need to know about, and certain abilities you need to complete the tasks.  That’s different than the idea of “preparing to have a set of skills to enter a stable industry.”

There are no stable industries with a common set of skills which large numbers of students can train to have.

The nonexistence of stable industries is becoming more apparent to students and parents every day.  The economy is evolving away from the existence of worthwhile work.

There is no such concept as “Job Skills.”  It doesn’t exist.  There are none.  There’s general education, ushering into self-respect and deepening of knowledge to the likely conclusion of rejecting material society as it stands.  There is general education ushering into self-sacrifice to voraciously utilitarian generalized human resources department called “the service sector.”  There is general education, and then specialization into a particular art, which you require a supportive community in which to succeed.  There is general education, and then specialization into a particular science which you would need a mentor in which to succeed.  // … or an academic career, or a literary career …  //

None of these are actually being advised to be secure paths to financial stability.  There is no good career advice or guidance in the current economy because it is designed to consume workers as if they are disposable tools, and a burden on companies.  We are raising our children to be generally educated “good workers” in a social climate which puts down/devalues workers and worships CEOs/passive-ownership -as its two fundamental ideological drives.  There are no secure paths to specialization unless you find a way to create your own job.


The contemporary conception of “Job Skills” is a personal insult of any self-respecting human being.

  • Being able to handle social situations in an ultimately detached and self-effacing manner
  • Being able to “manage” “persuade” “patronize” “control” others in an artificial way as an ideal of leadership created by money-driven egoism
  • Being able to do trivial math continuously without considering bothersome its myopically limiting, constraining, purposeless focusing of the mind
  • Being willing to put oneself in physical danger on a day-to-day basis
  • Working Fast, and therefore without the need to develop any deep level human consciousness
  • Diligent Record-Keeping
  • Having Obedient Subservience and Expediency as General Values
  • Contextually Pre-defined, very limited idea of “problem-solving” as the predictable situations demand, but generally on command -under outside threat, a new kind of slavery of the mind
  • Independence only in a limited environment of purposeless expectation
  • Being able to endure and perpetuate the permanent absence of real conversation
  • Reflexive rejection of intellectually or spiritually centered people

What is being considered superfluous and unworthy for modern economy whose values place profit-maximization over quality of life?

Personal Ingenuity, Artistic Creativity, Zeal for New Knowledge, Enabling the Possibility of New Knowledge, Contemplative Respect for Building from Previous Geniuses, Cooperation toward Intellectually Conceived Ideals, Integrity regarding Society’s General Moral Compass, Healthy Time Management Chosen Freely by Individual Workers


There’s really no permanent way to describe what the ideal education is for everyone, or even what its end goal should be.  It all ends in contradiction and destruction of human dignity.


Basic Education and Specialization

(These two blend into each other, but contemporary economics and social assumptions betray the ultimate purpose of learning, stifling adult intelligence sometimes permanently)

Basic Education

What is Necessary and Foundational to Full Development of Human Intelligence

Allowing a Generally Explorative Spirit to Manifest while having access to as much information as wanted/needed

Moving forward to a life-long learning process which is an expression of one’s passion for understanding and zeal for the potential of human knowledge

Not overly shallow but only somewhat comprehensive study of the history of the human mind’s past and future possibilities

Beginning Personalizing of Focus on the Diverse Variety of Subjects, Finding their possible connections or combinations, Choosing among the variety of subject matter toward a possible career

Specialization (Continued, Free Self-Determination) Honing one’s personal focus until productively expressible knowledge is achieved; what that could mean is open for discussion.

If your specialization is self-willed, rather than molded by the presumed needs of mythical stable industries, then it is more likely that you’ll start a small business, a unique product or line of products, or work “for yourself” in self-created job, in your own workspace, on your own time, for particular clients that you seek out yourself.



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