Left and Right in Political Disposition

It would be wise to never call yourself a left-wing or right-wing person.  These words are self-parody.  They are labels laid on other people for practicality and simplicity.  They are not useful to describe yourself.  After context-specific focus and depth of research is achieved, political labels will remain a simplification and obstruction to clarity.    The cultural level of conversation has been destroyed by projections of dualism in the first place.

Left and Right are superficial categories that create more conflict if they are taken as solid distinctions. The best set of policies, leading to the ideal world, are only constructively spoken of, in very specific terms, during collaborative planning efforts.

If you are willing to generalize about the terms ‘left or right’ in reference to policies or people, you are willing to generalize about yourself.  These generalizations make for lazy thought.  Someone who claims to be exclusively one or the other is selling you something, and is wasting time speaking.  A liberal can be conservative, and a conservative can be liberal.  Policies considered to be left or right are not served by being placed in such categories, and people thought to be on the left or right side can never be understood completely within these boundaries.

What are left and right?

one who advocates government action

one who advocates the government do nothing

one who would conserve a policy – rather than discard it

one who would create a policy – and then conserve it

find notes and copy down…

Both sides are protesters.

The left will protest, but the right does protest too much.

In the ideal world, the left will be conservative.

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