Legacy of the 20th Century

The 20th century is mainly characterized by Lead’s hindrance to brain function.  That’s how it will be remembered.  Not by its achievements, that’s for sure.

Our parents were born in clouds of Lead, and it shows.  It shows in their leadership qualities, ideals for society, social sensibilities, sense of justice, religious values, styles of communication, and intellectual imagination.

It’s like a real-life horror movie if you get the full picture.  And it’s not insensitive to say so, at least on a webpage…  It’s insensitive to generally fail to recognize it as a problem which continues even as some fixes are made.

The deadening combination of mind-inhibiting poisons and political capitalism (and other material philosophies which devalue human freedom) have produced a society which is basically un-joinable.  To communicate about the possibilities of life in current American society is to accept your own death.

All social interactions and political motivations are more animal-like and less humane because the effects of Lead and other poisons.

There’s quite a list if you want to know all the ways people have been subjected to poisons.  Most people choose not to focus on all of this.

It’s impossible to look realistically at the collective manifestation and modern life, as well as our personal experience, without the perspective that we were all catastrophically poisoned.  Some would like to focus on intentional malevolence as the cause.  There may have been some of that.  But it was mostly negligence, and profit motives, and optimistic denial.

Some improvements are being forced and reluctantly implemented by “leaders.”  The political will to fix these ubiquitous problems of mass poisoning are suppressed repeatedly.

more on this later …

Link to Poisoned America page

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