What Does Marijuana Do? (pre-cautions, safety and dangers)

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Some people are wondering:





First, the clearing of ideas, then the allowing of the re-emergence of ideas.  This is what happens.  Freedom from neurotic, myopic focus.  Allowing to reform the contents of the mind according to the will of the individual.  Mental independence, relaxation like sensory isolation or meditation.


? Add image picture of one-hitter VS small pipe VS large pipe, laterally three images in a row

all smoking apparatuses are not equally harmless to throat and lung health


My personal analysis of pre-cautions and possible dangers

Never smoke out of a large bowl-pipe.  Heavy smoking, meaning large hits more than a few times in a sitting, will prevent DNA repair processes.  And this will prevent full maturation of your physical adult body, by keeping your upper organs in a chronically damaged state.  Anything larger than a small “spoon” pipe is going to do serious damage long-term.  Avoid pipes with a “carb hole” unless it is a very small pipe. Physical damage is inevitable, if you’re smoking style is hardcore, and could lead to spiritual problems because of the areas involved.  The effectiveness of the drug will make you less likely to be bothered by the actual damage you’re sustaining to yourself.  People don’t realize the dangers of using large smoking apparatuses.

Anything larger than a one-hitter will cause exponentially more damage.  A necessary skill is to control the size of your draw.  Learn the feeling of the smallest possible hit you can feel.  Then imagine in your mind how much more smoke and heat is contained in a large hit.  It could be hundreds of times the volume of smoke.  If you find yourself in the habit of taking huge hits and desensitizing yourself with the most sensitizing drug that has ever existed, you’re making a big mistake with your health.  And ultimately you aren’t taking advantage of the drug’s benefits in an optimal manner.  Some stoners have to relearn how to smoke properly after life hits them hard, but many people never return to the non-wasteful, smart and moderate style of smoking.  And they become permanent potheads.  There are various populations of damaged people for too many reasons to count, but this should be a simple one to fix.  Large carbed bowls are illegal to sell on the internet, and I don’t really mind that because I would like people not to use them.  On the other hand people should be legally free to be stupid in this fashion.

On a more positive note, I’ve noticed the possibility of achieving taste-hallucinations with hard-packed single-hit mini-pipes.  The strange phenomenon of “taste hallucinations” is possible only with smaller pipes and one-hitters.  I have never experienced them with a large bowl-pipe, because the smoke is more diluted with oxygen.  The smoke has to be extra dense for this to work, and with a smaller pipe, the smoke is more dense and more pure; meaning less oxygen filler to begin with and less physical volume to complete the draw which should be a natural breath with no particular effort.  I’ve never heard of anyone else mentioning such vivid taste-hallucination phenomenon with cannabis, but the repeated experience certainly makes me wonder if others have had similar densely-packed onie-triggered hallucinations.  The taste which would otherwise be the taste of the smoke on my tongue morphs into the complex taste of a good meal or one specific food, which may be a long-term memory stored and re-experienced in real-time, or may be a completely uniquely created experience at the time, but likely a mysterious combination of the two.  It gives me the satisfaction of eating something without actually eating anything, which is very odd but I appreciate it very much.  This feature of marijuana reminds me a little bit of the taste-changing effects of so-called Miracle Berries.  This is the only other instance of taste-hallucination that I’ve ever seen in nature. //  If there are others, it would be nice to find them.  But it would be dangerous to go out and experiment with every plant in the world, so it’s a rare and special thing to know about these two, just like any other medicinal or fun effects that we find plants have on us.  Herbology and Botany is a vast field with many surprises.  We are well-organized omnivores, so there should be a way to invent and discover new ways to create an endless world of novelties such as these. //


It goes to show ya there are many undiscovered effects of plants on our system, even in varying the style of ingestion.

I have also noticed that fasting for a few days can produce the actual physical satisfaction of eating something without actually eating it, just from the scent.  Also surprising, an enchancement to becoming more sensitive, like the pronounced taste of actually eating a small amount after some significant length of time fasting.

there is a danger of ingesting pesticides when buying cannabis in illegal areas, also legal areas?

The Psychedelic Effect of Marijuana

One central effect of cannabis is related to the central effect of the ideal psychedelics.  It expands and focuses awareness.

What does marijuana really do?

This is what makes people feel psychologically healthy and physically focused.

Apart from multiplying, expanding, freeing of conscious experience in the realm of quality, will, and possible manifestation…

The central effect of ideal psychedelics and cannabis is

add notes …

this is the self, it constantly refocuses your awareness on “What is the idea of the Self”

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