‘Jesus Sayings’ – Synoptic Gospels Plus Lost Gospels – A List in Context of Ancient Greek and Hebrew Mysticism

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Trimorphic Protennoia, Gospel of Thomas, …

A person who only sees his external self,
rather than the Self within, not only diminishes
himself, but misleads others as well.
The Gospel of Mani

I Am the Light which is upon them all. I
am the All. All things came from Me and all
things will return to Me. Split the timber and
there I Am. Lift a stone and you will discover
Me there.
The Gospel of Thomas

I Am all existence. I Am mother, father,
child. Whether moving or unmoving, that I Am.
All that exists, exists in Me. I am the womb of
life. I Am the invisible one who dwells in all
The Trimorphic Protennoia

I exist in every soul. I awaken those who
sleep. My voice cries out in every creature. I
have existed from the beginning.
The Trimorphic Protennoia

I Am manifest in those who love Me.
Silence is my dwelling place, yet those who
seek Me will hear Me.
The Trimorphic Protennoia

I Am she in whom all things come to be. I
Am movement of all that moves. I Am Mind
that dwells in the Light. I Am invisible and
manifest in all things. I Am beyond measure
and there are no words which can describe
The Trimorphic Protennoia

I Am the seed that is planted in every
being. I am Father, Mother and child. I Am the
incorruptible One, and I dwell within you.
The Apocryphon of John

I Am you and you are Me. Where you
are, there also am I.  I am planted in all things,
and when the harvest comes, it is I which you
The Gospel of Eve

I Am a lamp, so that you might see Me. I
Am a path for you to travel.
The Hymn of Jesus from The Acts of

I Am the foundation that supports the
heavens, the Light that shines everywhere;
the joy of all souls.
Manichean psalm

I Am the life of the world. I am sweet
water and the sap in trees.
Manichean Psalm

I Am that which came into being at the
beginning.   –  The (second) Apocalypse of James

I can be heard in all things. My speech is
beyond grasping. I alone exist.
The Thunder: Perfect Mind

I Am the bread of life; he who comes to
Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in
Me shall never thirst.
The Gospel of John

I Am a mirror; see yourself in Me. I Am a
door, so knock upon Me. I Am your resting
place, so rest yourself within Me.
The Hymn of Jesus from The Acts of

I Am the perfect Thought of the Invisible
One. Through Me, all things came into being.
The Trimorphic Protennoia

I Am the Holy Father, the Living One who
reveals all things that are hidden. If you
understand Me, you will become what I Am.
Reach out and take hold of Me.
The (second) Apocalypse of James

I Am in that place which knows no
The Gospel of Thomas

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I Am the beginning and the end. I Am the
One who is honored and the One who is
rejected. I Am that which is holy, and the One
who is defiled. I Am the virgin and I Am the
Mother. I Am the One who is barren, and I
have many children.
The Thunder: Perfect Mind

For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace.

The Thunder, Perfect Mind

For it is I who am acquaintance: and lack of acquaintance.
It is I who am reticence: and frankness.
I am shameless: I am ashamed.
I am strong: and I am afraid.
It is I who am war: and peace.

The Thunder – Perfect Intellect, Lines 26-31

from another translation.

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Gnostics typically wrote on multiple levels, imbuing texts with complicated mystical esoteric meaning, rather than intending a base interpretation. It is possible that Epiphanius failed to realise this and only read into the text a simple literal interpretation. The quotation Epiphanius claims is a reference to semen is:

I stood on a lofty mountain and saw a gigantic man, and another, a dwarf; and I heard as it were a voice of thunder, and drew nigh for to hear; and He spake unto me and said: I am thou, and thou art I; and wheresoever thou mayest be I am there. In all am I scattered [that is, the Logos as seed or “members”], and whencesoever thou willest, thou gatherest Me; and gathering Me, thou gatherest Thyself.

— From the Gospel of Eve, quoted by Epiphanius, Hæres., xxvi. 3.
I Am the unborn, everlasting Lord of All. I
am born into the realm of nature. I Am AUM,
the eternal Word. I Am the prayer that is
made in silence.
The Bhagavad Gita
One as spiritual ideal means coherence, integration
Zero as spiritual ideal means emptiness, transparency clarity, freedom from
Infinity as spiritual ideal means unlimited freedom, openness, ability

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