My Religion Has Been Taken Away From Me

.. how reasonable and unreasonable is this feeling


Why do you think that?

I don’t think it.  I feel it.

What is that feeling?

It’s a feeling which effects the full spectrum life’s experiences.


The freedom of religion should be defined as the freedom to live as a religious person would.

So in the modern world, do we have religious freedom?

By this simple definition, most people don’t have the luxury of religious freedom at most times in their life.

By a shallower definition, religious freedom is freedom of speech for schizophrenic cosmologists and philosophers, which means the freedom to say crazy stuff all day with no consequences.

Thankfully, in America, we have the legal right to have any religious affiliation.  If this doesn’t translate into actual respect for the religious lifestyle, then people assume it to be their duty to force their half-baked ideas on everyone else in the form of laws or propaganda.


What happens when the religious leadership of the world lose the true spirit?  Then, even the naturally religious temperament is fought against in favor of ideology and collective affirmations of under-developed beliefs.  Religious beliefs are frozen philosophy, or the fossilized thoughts of our ancestors, and the only thing that brings them back to life is the spirit and conversation, and life lived in the light of experiences of the past.


It’s emptiness.

It’s a frustrated purpose.

It’s an incomplete sentence in a work I’ve known tended to my whole life.

It’s loss and confusion.

A sense of condemnation and doom.

It’s not knowing, even my own thought.

Because there is no other.  And nothing is real.

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