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copy and paste all relevant points

The original Name of God makes absolutely sure that all subsequent names of god are just part of a plot-line devolving from the original name, and that all subsequent images of god are only relative.

The phrase which was called the name of God is simple enough to contain the complexity of human existence in all its harmonious interrelationships and inexplicable paradoxes, without reducing it by association with fixed linguistic ideation or simpler physical processes.

The logic inherent in the Name of God (I am that I am) is a description of knowledge itself, and therefore includes and transcends any /limited/ideal/ conception of science.

Early scientific knowledge was resisted by religious authorities.  Authorities have always resisted truth expressed by individuals.  Authorities, by definition, assume they have all the necessary truths already.  Authorities are not explorers or open-minded seekers.  They are people who are committed to stay in one place.  They are frozen where they are.  They are enforcing states of personal imprisonment.  Freedom has not yet been enabled for all in actual society.  It’s a great dream.  There is currently no place for the genuine seeker of truth to find a place in our culture.  A place must be created.  We have to re-engineer society on a mental AND material level, or a dark ominous cloud of ignorance will continue to descend over society and it will no longer be moral to have children.  Pretty soon we’re going to have to have authorities who don’t perceive themselves to be authorities.  Right now we have authorities who don’t want to take any responsibility for being in a position of authority.  That’s not what I mean.

//  We need leaders who know they can’t lead people who are in power over their own lives.  If we can’t lift up those in vulnerable positions, we can’t have respect for our leaders.  They are now simply presiding over mass suffering.  Neither can they lead people with no power over their own lives. //

//  Respectable, decent religious people are intuitively opposed to materialism.  They aren’t opposed to knowledge itself, and therefore are not opposed to science.  It would be their mistake to be against science itself, as science is just a word for knowledge.  God is also a word for knowledge.  Knowledge can’t be contained in a single word, so we have more than one.  Understanding, truth, knowledge, science.  These are all words with a different connotation to our experience of willed grounding of consciousness in actualized reality.  Material society has a tendency to prevent all of these from occurring.  Ironic?  Maybe.. maybe not.  //

(Some people do make the choice to be against knowledge itself.  Most of these people are politically motivated in some shallow sense.  Only if their shallow political motivation is overlaid onto an under-developed religiosity does it become a problem which appears to be related to “religion” itself)

The Name of God (I am that I am) is a seed from which all logic grows.  Language and reality are connected by the will of man.  Without free will, true descriptions do not occur.

This follows from that; this is related to that; this implies that; that is connected to this; that becomes that; this was/is/will-be this.  There is a basic fundamental origin of insight, a computational seed in the mind of humanity, which the ancient Name of God can illustrate if extrapolated in all its dimensions.

The word “GOD” itself has taken on a life of itself, apart from the original root of contemplative understanding expressed in the phrase “I am that I am”

The word God has the content that we have given it, on a collective and personal level, as a grasping and reaching out for meaning in life.  It has that purpose and utility, but it is a crutch for people who have forgotten the original name. We use the word “God” as a placeholder for the reality of the infinite, the beyond words, the experience of life as we live genuinely and for our chosen purpose.  We use the word “God” as a simple summation of all possible experiences in the human spectrum, all possible ideations of the mind, all possible forms in the imagination, and all possible spaces in the human heart.

The Name of God (I am that I am) is the reason behind moral statements.  Pick your favorite commandment.  You don’t kill, cheat, steal, BECAUSE “I am that I am” – you see others as yourself.  The central commandment is to treat others as yourself.  The Military Lord of the Old Testament is an example of a religious test.  Either you reject that fascist asshole, or you are him.  Jesus overthrew that guy two thousand years ago and America is now eager to elect him as a president.  Way to go people.

Jesus, as the Logos, is supposedly the embodiment of this primal expression.  The Logos, or the Word of God, is nothing more than this primeval Name which arose when human consciousness arose, and which will never die even after the theory of everything demonstrates/explicates/finalizes its physical groundedness.

The Name of God (I am that I am) is a description of choice in the moment, and a description of the act of knowledge.  We choose what we want to learn.

Knowledge is a choice that takes time, but it is also a daily choice.

It begins with effort // or the choice to listen or receive ideas // and then grows both with non-effort and with successive choices of continued and varied effort.

If exploration and personal grounding are not enabled by society, knowledge suffers and humanity fails to grow.  Human development is stifled by outward materialism and ostensibly by the values of one-sided capitalism.

Search old sessions for name of God in Hinduism websites, link them here and copy/paste all relevant archetypal similarities

—  review “name of god file” in post drafts for all relevant notes to add here …

Was, Is, and Will Be — find bible quotes etc

The Name of God – I am that I am

Morality, Genuine Human Behavior, Commandments, Law

(draw these out into worded explanations..)

(the Name of God is the) REASON FOR  (the commandments, law, morality, GHB)  (‘FROM PAST’ ‘PRIMARY CAUSE’ and SOURCE OF)  REASON BEHIND EXISTENCE, answers the question, “Why is the past this way”)

(the Name of God is the) PURPOSE OF  (the commandments, law, morality, GHB)  (FOR THE FUTURE, SO THAT ‘GOD’ MAY EXIST IN THE WORLD, PERFECTION MAY ARISE)  (answers the question, “Why is the world flowing in this direction?)

(the Name of God is the) DESCRIPTION OF (the commandments, law, morality, GHB) (IN THE PRESENT, INTENTFUL PRESENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, FOCUS, TRUE WILL, GOD, SELF-KNOWLEDGE)  (answers the question, “Why is the world the way we see?”)

TEACHING, FAMILY, MUSIC, CONVERSATION, PERSONAL CHOICE  (break down, describe the relevance of the N o G to each of these primary human experiences/activities)

meditation revelation of the ultimate meaning of life, connection to the source of all meaning, and the potential of all creation

the meaning of meaning, and what is the true self


All human experiences, if lived fully and sensitively, are accurately described by this primordial phrase which the religions share as their source of knowledge.

–trying for a full list

If a child looks up to someone, and decides that he wants to be something.. this experience is described by the phrase “I am that I am”

look for notes, list all conceptions

Add Jesus quotes, multiple gospels.. Kingdom of God already present but men do not see it. — relate to “an understanding of the Name of God as the foundation of the Invisible Kingdom.”

Click to access 50YEARS.pdf

Search Saved Sessions and add links and quotes from eastern religions, hinduism etc …

“May the frightfulness become so great that it can turn men’s eyes inward, so that their will no longer seeks the self in others but in themselves.  I saw it, I know that this is the way.  I saw the death of Christ and I saw his lament; I felt the agony of his dying, the great dying.  I saw a new God, a child, who subdued daimons in his hand.  The god holds the separate principles in his hand, he unites them.  The God develops through the union of the principles in me, he is their union.  If you will one of these principles, so you are in one, but far from your being the other.  If you will both principles, one and the other, then you excite the conflict between the principles, since you cannot want both at the same time.  From this arises the need, the God appears in it, he takes your conflicting will in his hand, in the hand of a child whose will is simple and beyond conflict.”  –  Carl Jung’s Red Book   Page 204, Resolution


If you say the Name of God, as Jesus did, He will connect your being to other beings.  (not always the best results)

If God manifests himself as ego, he is asking for a fight. And I will destroy him. If God manifests as God, then the world is open to the play of intelligence.

The modern mind has been set up to hate the expression of natural humanness, or the natural expression of human language, or even the natural questioning of observation. Also the expression of uncertainty, empathy for others hardship, the reaching out for unknown possibilities are all considered as pathologically weak.

If you start self-describing and there aren’t any psychoanalysts around, is there still an ego?

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