Natural Strategies for Self Detox

LINK -to and from- “Poisoned America”

Poisoning does occur.

Everyone has been subjected to long-term low-level poisoning.  We should all be informed about worst case scenarios, and possible remedies.

Cases of mass poisoning may become more common as the natural environmental collapses around us – Due to irresponsible corporate activities.  We should be prepared with creative treatments for such occasions.

Some items can treat the symptoms of poisoning, and help to allay the unbearable side effects of the poisons.  Some items can also activate endogenous detox mechanisms, helping the body to overcome the threat more quickly and recover the damages.

list all possible treatments – clean water, clean cannabis, light exercise, NAC, CBD

… milk thistle

NAC, cannabinoids – CBD THC THCV

cod liver oil, cilantro, etc

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