Novel Considerations for Existentialists & Meditations for the Prevention of Boredom

I have a continuous goal to be as amazed at nothing.  And when that gets boring, everything is pretty amazing.

LINK to “Sacred Geometry” post

LINK to “Sacred Circle” post

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Ozric – Become the Other ( do a cover? and merge with other songs?  Rush – Natural Science etc ??? )  or not..

“Astonishment is the proper response to reality..”  – Terence Mckenna


Is the universe both open and infinite, and closed and spherical?  Maybe it’s possible..


Terence McKenna – Into The Heart Of Nature

Boarders documentary clip


Michio Kaku … on god, string theory, theory of everything, that video of him with his equations on a chalkboard finding an infinity of infinities..




ADD ALL MICHIO KAKU – SERIES OF BIG THINK videos i downloaded, search and embed all




Michio Kaku on “The Singularity”

embed or quote, and find more quotes

Nibana – The Most Astounding Fact [Visualization]

Karma De La Luna – Mad Science [Visualization]


Exploring the Cosmic Ocean [Science in Psybient Compilation Vol. 1]   CUT PARTS OF THIS AND SPLICE INTO A SHORTER VIDEO

cut these two from the large file..^^..

bioLuMigen – The Awesome Machinery of Nature
The Higher Intelligence Agency – Hubble

Ceremony for Broken Robots – Krusseldorf


Firelight – Thievery Corporation


Crystalline – Kliment


Merlin – Awakening

embed, cut or quote

Mastermind – Deltron Zero  (maybe?_)

_____________________________add the following below..

Georges Anderla (March 27, 1921 in Prague – April 26, 2005 in Antibes[1]) was a Czech-born French economist. While working for the OECD in 1973, he created a statistical model of the accumulation of human knowledge. He began by defining the known technology in 1 AD as a unit and showed that it had doubled in 1500, doubled again in 1750 and again in 1900. According to Anderla the next doubling only took fifty years, then ten, seven and finally six leading up to the year 1973. If Anderla is correct, the amount of human knowledge in 1973 was 128 times greater than in the year 1 AD.

Terence Mckenna on the singularity in the future, “transcendental object eschaton”

embed and/or quotes

End of Moore’s Law After 50 years.  Increase in Computing Power.’s_law

embed charts from wikipedia …

… quote … maybe embed charts from here too



How Many Dimensions Does The Universe Have? – DNews

terence mckenna interesting mind vid quotes

chopra shermer ultimate reality

noam chomsky what is physical comments

Sagan speaks to the zeitgeist

Carl Sagan Wonder & Skepticism 6

Heaven is as if infinities were ones and ones were infinities.   What could the relationship be between an infinitely thin thread and the edge/boundary of the universe infinitely far away?

Find quotes about quantum mechanics leading to an infinity of infinities and how that’s a big problem

consider this along with the expansion of intergalactic space, related?

Mystical Identification with All and Everything

“Neil deGrasse Tyson – The Best Sermon Ever”

and quote alan watts 30:-32:00 outofyourmind2, upload to fileden and embed too, 60:00-:62:00ish too. 6:00-8:00 too

The biggest joy was on the way home. In my cockpit window, every two minutes: The Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the whole 360-degree panorama of the heavens. And that was a powerful, overwhelming experience. And suddenly I realized that the molecules of my body, and the molecules of the spacecraft, the molecules in the body of my partners, were prototyped, manufactured in some ancient generation of stars. And that was an overwhelming sense of oneness, of connectedness; it wasn’t ‘Them and Us’, it was ‘That’s me!’, that’s all of it, it’s… it’s one thing. And it was accompanied by an ecstasy, a sense of ‘Oh my God, wow, yes’, an insight, an epiphany. – Edgar D. Mitchell, Moon Astronaut from In the Shadow of the Moon – link site

Space Zen: Will Humans’ Brains Change During Travel in Outer Space? -A Galaxy Insight
Looking for other articles on it


“It led Edgar to create the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the meeting of science and spirituality, as well as the creation of a new worldview.” find the wiki for it?

George Carlin Quote zeitgeist2 1:44:00
or find vid of him saying it.
credit zeitgeist for finding carlin and sagan quotes

Prof. Dean Brown and Jeffery Mishlove explore the relation between Man and Nature in the Vedic tradition. It is said that the essence of each individual, the Atman, is identical to the whole universe, the principle of Brahman. In this sense, the polytheistic traditions of India are in fact essentially monistic at their very core.

Greek is a vedic subculture?? check that out.

“He who sees everything as nothing but the Self, and the Self in everything he sees, such a seer withdraws from nothing.

For the enlightened, all that exists is nothing but the Self, so how could any suffering or delusion continue for those who know this oneness?”

Isha Upanishad, sloka 6

mckenna 5 million years ago we were an animal of some sort..

Same concept briefly described on
Colbert Report August 20, 2007: Nailed ‘Em – Northern BorderGeorge Harrison – quote parts of song

peter russell about light and time — seperate post? just text?


Link to Alan Watts speech outofyourmind – for an hour long explanation
link to ram dass post
link to psychedelic plant post
link to yoga post
Link to space imagination post

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