Outlaw Chemical Pesticides in Agriculture and Golf and Lawns



Link to “America Poisoned”


What is the minimum acceptable safe limit for pesticide content in fruits and vegetables, and other products tested for contamination?

maybe suing people isn’t the final solution …

Environmental groups need to get together to SUE THE EPA over the continued use of pesticides on consume-able crops.

They must also be sued for permitting the continued use of pesticides on golf courses, which contaminates the water supply of those in the surrounding area.  This carelessness is giving people brain damage on a continual basis.

Someone must also be sued for permitting the continued use of pesticides for “lawn care.”  It’s not okay to flood brain-disease-causing chemicals into your neighbor’s well water.  This is happening all over the country..

It’s also poisoning animals and pets.

It’s currently legal and the EPA is handing out permits.  But it’s immoral, neglectful, and irresponsible to continue to do so.  The science is sufficient to make these claims on the EPA.  Economic efficiency is currently a higher priority to them than public health.  So the EPA should be sued immediately for allowing the continued use of hazardous chemicals in inappropriate contexts.

Even neighborhood councils could agree to ban pesticide use on their lawns, so that local wells and aquifers could remain pure for the life of the people there.

Find evidence of collusion between agrochemical companies and the EPA, any cover up of the negative impact of continuing many of the approved uses of pesticides ??

We shouldn’t be selling pesticide-containing fruits and vegetables (etc) to poor people who can’t afford to buy the more expensive organic version.  Certain crops should be legally defined as vulnerable to containing the pesticide after treatment, if people aren’t coherent enough to ban synthetic chemical releases into the environment altogether.

We can’t separate the human population between the brain-poisoned and the clean and then act like it’s all normal.  Either everyone is brain-poisoned or no one is, in the end of this situation.

Collect stories and videos on pesticide use and history of their creation … connection to LEAD and ARSENIC ???


add documentaries, research articles, scientific studies, political ideologies, etc

Link to this Section in Farm Crisis Post–

“Poisonous Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables and Processed Packaged Items without Organic Certification Label”

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