Parable of the Growing Seed

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(If history as a conversation is ego then it is out of control and deadly.  If history as a conversation is knowledge then it is in control and forever living)

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why did jesus speak in parables?  because the ultimate truth of the spirit is generally ineffable through straightforward logical assertions, being susceptible to landing on side (one-sided focus) of a dual reality.  Two unified and not divided yields the wholistic focus…

Cite Marie Louise Von Franz book Number and Archetype

bookmarked and find related notes to summarize the meaning of the growing seed parable …



“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.” –  H.D. Thoreau

Knowledge is the seed which becomes eternal.  How is a soul by choice to be fixed at any point?

What was knowledge before knowledge defined itself as knowledge?

Is consciousness involved always in the act of definition?

What was consciousness before definition?  What is consciousness without definition?

What am I before definition?  Is undefined consciousness something real?

The patterns of history, from furthest deepest vastest perspective, may resolve into what is simply soul, and the spirit will be choice in an increasingly vaster and vaster system of actualities.

Such a vast perspective may seem obscene to assume to exist.

After immortality is achieved, all choices will be freely reversible and without waste.

“The most advanced state flows backward through the system and converts all preexisting states to itself.”


How can a limited momentary mind become an eternal mind?

Self reflection + a miracle?

COMPARE THE BELOW IDEAS TO the traditional hindu/buddhist story of


Embed Images – John Baez – John Valentine

Infinite Spherical Mirror Reflections

also download the images for safekeeping

and eventually compare them to the impossible music sounds of the combination song –


Keebs Dire Docks + Tao by WPaHP — then place below “The Elf Band is Coming”

Add MicroSound Ideas of Curtis Roads and Others

The Hall Of Mirrors (2009 Remastered Version)

Dolly Zoom Effect – Visual Technique

Fractals at the End of Time – Terence Mckenna

The Dialogue – Terence McKenna

“We have always been caught up in the anticipation of the unspeakable.  The human adventure has always been a flirtation with these gigantic forces in an unseen dimension.  This is what sets our religions going.  This is what creates gurus and messiahs and scientific breakthroughs.  It’s that somehow we are in resonance with something something much larger than ourselves…

Something which you could call “The Great Attractor” “The Transcendental Object at the End of Time” “The Gaian Mind” Whatever it is…

We, out of all of nature, seem to have a special relationship to it, and seem to be somehow both under its care, and somehow involved in the manifesting of it in three dimensional space.  It’s that, as we make our way across the historical landscape toward the sensed presence of this transcendental other, so too it is making its way toward us, through the content of dreams, psychedelic experiences, the careers of spiritually advanced people.  The idea being, that history… which is a state of extreme instability and disequilibrium, which only lasts fifteen or twenty thousand years… That history is about to be transformed, or ended… that the factors that shaped history, phonetic alphabets, male dominance, materialism, scientific method, empiricism… these factors are about to be made obselete by discoveries in the human and natural realms.

“The exploration of the universe of the unseen is the business of human beings.”  “It’s made us the way that we were, the way that we are, and the way that we will be.”

Pan Dance – Jethro Tull


Forest Dance I & II – From ‘A Passion Play’ – Jethro Tull


Woodland Ambience – Wind Through Trees, Bird Song, Nearby Village


Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Great God Pan is Dead

Fireplace Sounds with Howling Wind – The Ambience Guild


Global Communication – 9:39 song


Jethro Tull – Dance of the wind Fairies

The Voice of Knowledge, Neither Mine nor Yours*.html

“Everything became a teacher.”  –  Terence Mckenna

The following is taken from

(…) ^Select some pretext?^ (…)

Find the audio to perfect the transcript..

TM: The way to do things, if you can do anything, is to do them right.

KM: Cooking is like that.

I guess, but that realization of the total richness and correctness of the moment is that’s the correct interpretation of the attainment of these siddhis.  The things that would go on at La Chorrera.. as an example of how the Tao works..

I would walk out into the jungle and there would be butterflies circling.

I would hold out my hand and speak to the butterflies with my mind and invite them to come down and land on my hand and display themselves. And the butterflies would do this, they would come and land in my open hand and turn, and strut, and show me all facets of themselves, and this would go on for 2 or 3 minutes where I would experience gratitude, reverence, delight..

and then this other emotion: the need to show somebody else what I could do.

Then I would walk back to the camp and smiling with a bizarre inward smile I would select one of my camp mates and ask them to walk out into the jungle with me. Then to their horror, I would stand underneath this tree and gesture, and ask for the butterflies to come down from the trees and land in my hand, and people would just turn away in a mixture of horror and embarrassment that anyone could be such a jackass first of all, and that anyone could be so mentally deranged as to operate like that. Of course the butterflies would have nothing to do with me, I would be left just sputtering.. it happened many times.

It was not only the butterflies..

It was that as long as I had no ego I could work magic, but it was magic that was necessary magic.  It absolutely had no use other than to make my life a more perfect work of art.

Terence McKenna in the Jungle, Living Simply with his Complexes  “Terence Mckenna and the Howling Tao”

CUT THE REST OF THE STORY FROM “resident scholar at Esalen 8 hour video”


Consciousness Research – Terence McKenna

(3) Lucifer and the End of Time – Eternal Christ-Anti-Christ – by Terence McKenna

(1) Lucifer and the End of Time – Eternal Christ-Anti-Christ – by Terence McKenna

(2) Lucifer and the End of Time – Eternal Christ-Anti-Christ -by Terence McKenna

Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. on Psilocybin, Psychedelic Therapies & Mystical Experiences

Terence Mckenna – LSD vs Psilobin or Ayahuasca

Terence Mckenna – How Thoughts Become Things – Receiving True Visions

“It is the imagination that argues for the Divine Spark within human beings. It is literally a decent of the World’s Soul into all of us.”  –  Terence Mckenna

“Some kind of dialog is now going on between individual human beings and the sum total of human knowledge and nothing can stop it.”  –  Terence Mckenna

“… it’s source the totality of all living creatures”  TM Luc find full quote

Lucifer End of History section –“the moving edge of phenomenal understanding” “and it’s joy will be complete”

search files on disk, transcribe at noted times.

Finish this section, either post whole video sections or cut shorter

add katmandu interlude??? – or is that in another post??

11:00 – 12:30 from part 13 – fields of the lord — PLACE HERE — also 13:20ish to 14:30ish

and maybe a few sentences from saucer full of secrets – part 15 – 20:00 ish plus later

maybe a few sentences from part 4 – camped by a doorway

Terence McKenna True Hallucinations 08 The Opus Clarified AudioBook QUOTE 13:18 ish to end

kingship of the father…

Terence McKenna True Hallucinations 09 A Conversation Over Saucers AudioBook – QUOTE 7:30 ish to 10:00 ish …

Part 10 – take a few quotes from 5:00 + 10:00 + 12:00 + 14:00 + 15:00 + …

Part 11 … 28:13 – 20 one point about the voice — and 29:00 – 29:40 ish

part 18 – quote (also cut the audio up myself, good to hear) 22:00 to 24:00 to 25:30 — also see julian jaynes book

“Something had happened to me, it was true.  I was in a very strange place.  It was because of having close contact with the-thing-that-was-like-a-teacher.  It let me know things.  Beyond any possibility of argument, I knew things which I couldn’t possibly know.”

“It took years of reading and self-education to keep track of the things that the internal voice was saying.  It had a wholistic and system oriented way of approaching things that did seem to be slightly of-another-order, not enough to be alarming, but enough to again-and-again remind me that the ideas I was producing were coming fully-organized from somewhere else, and I was nothing more than a message decipherer, hard pressed to keep up with a difficult incoming code.”

“Occassionally I would seem to catch the mechanics of what was happening to us in action, and from such experiences I concluded that whatever it was that was happening.. part of included all of the information that we had ever accumulated down to the most trivial details, so that it seemed that something.. something with overtones of being from outer-space or from another dimension was contacting us and doing it through the peculiar means of using every-thought-in our-heads to lead us into telepathically induced scenarios of extravagant imagining.. or deep theoretical understanding of things.. or in depth scanning of strange times, places, and worlds.”

“The source of this un-earthly contact was the stropharia cubensis and “our experiment.”

“Our intelligence was not compromised, but what was compromised was the ability to reason, to give a coherent account of what was going on.. as paradox, coincidence, and general synchronistic strangeness began to asymptotically increase.  And into the vacuum left by the collapse of reason.. rushed a staggering array of exotic intuitions about why things were as they were.” –  Terence Mckenna in True Hallucinations

“We have been to the moon, we have charted the depths of the ocean and the heart of the atom, but we have a fear of looking inward to ourselves because we sense that is where all the contradictions flow together.” –  Terence Mckenna

“I think that we have taken far too much responsibility for what is happening, and that what we took to be a staircase we were climbing is actually an up-escalator. And if you will stop climbing you will notice that it does not impede your upward progress because the ground you’re standing on is moving you toward the goal.”  –  Terence Mckenna

“The culmination of man’s effort in time will be the perfection and the release of the human soul.  And it’s not that we are ‘doing’ it. It’s that a natural law that we are still unaware of is inexorably unfolding.”  –  Terence Mckenna

“Half the time you think you’re thinking you’re actually listening.” – Terence Mckenna

“These are not your thoughts, they are THE thoughts of the gaian surround as these time-waves impinge and mesh and flow through us.” – Terence Mckenna


“Philo Judaeus talks about what he calls “a more perfect logos.”  He says a more perfect logos would be beheld rather than heard.  In other words, the formulation you get in the Gospel of John, in the beginning was the word.. yes it was the word in the beginning.. but this is a strange kind of word.  It is a word which is visually beheld.  And the language in which the gnosis communicates is a language of visual forms, such that there is no ambiguity about meaning, because there is no recourse to a dictionary of agreed upon signification.  It is purely beheld.   This is why it’s very hard, one of the main problems with psych drugs, is to bring back information.  Because it is hard to English it.  And the reason it’s hard to English it is because it’s like trying to make a 3 dimensional rendering of a 4th dimension object.

Only through the medium of sight can the true modality of this Logos be perceived.

That’s why it’s so interesting.. that in Psylo and Ayahuasca.. There is a telepathic component, which is.. There’s a shared state of mind.  Because the unfolding hallucination is shared in complete silence, and you know it’s very hard to prove this to a scientist.

But if four people are having this experience, one person can like monologue it.. and then cease the monologue, and another person will take it up.  And everyone is seeing the same thing.  And it is the quality of being visual information that seems to make this Logos believable.  In the way that I quoted William Blake, that if the truth is to be told so as to be understood, it will be believed.” – Terence Mckenna ‘Exploring the Abyss’

A Story Of True Hallucinations – Terence McKenna

“This phenomenon is not new – people have been talking to gods and demons for far more of human history than they have not.”

“It is no great accomplishment to hear a voice in the head. The accomplishment is to make sure it – is telling the truth/makes sense!”

Terence Mckenna – A Crisis in Consciousness

Terence Mckenna – Mind, Determinism, Free Will, Transcendental Attractor, End of Time

Invisible Voices (Terence McKenna)  -take a few more Logos quotes from here-

William Blake Nothing is Lost .. eternality of information

“Nothing lasts but nothing is lost.”  –  Terence Mckenna

“William Blake used to say, “Nothing is lost.”  Nothing is lost. And this seems literally to be true.  It seems as though, you know.. something once articulated.. a statement.. the reverberations are unto the last syllable of recorded time.. somehow it’s all there.  (…)  You know, Greek religion was characterized by what was called the Logos, in the Hellenistic period.  And the Logos was an informing voice.  And all the great thinkers of Hellenistic times, Plato, Socrates, Xenophon, Thucidides.. all of these people, were in contact with the Logos.  It was the sine qua non of Hellenistic religion, and it was a speaking and informing voice that tells you the right way to live.  Well, we don’t know what to make of this, and at a certain point in the evolution of the western mind, judging by the writings of people who were contemporaneous with those times, the Logos fell silent.  There was actually a date.  Some of you may know the story of the fishermen pulling their nets off the Isle of Rhodes, and they heard a voice from the sky say that “Great Pan is dead.”  And this was at the change of the Eon, the beginning of the age of Aquarius.  It was almost as if there was something in the ancient world that has gone latent, that we can no longer touch or imagine..” –  Terence Mckenna   (keep here or more to other voices post..)

WRITE ESSAY on comparison of ‘object permanence’ ‘subject permanence’ and mental/intellectual maturity

is it?  it is and it isn’t.  in the furthest stretch of the future, what is and what isn’t are no longer appropriate categories.  What is also what isn’t.  What isn’t also what is.  Non-being is actually much fuller than being, and why should it be any other way?  And being, actually much emptier than the imagination would allow.  The present doesn’t want to be contained simply within itself.  It resists this in every dimension from the smallest point to the smallest infinite series of smallest points, and beyond.

Before time-transcending mind existed, knowledge is knowledge.  But now we are in a complex domain where knowledge cannot simply said to be knowledge.  Time can be transcended in the simple direction, or time can be transcended in the complex direction into infinity and all possible futures.

In some sense, the traditional idea of God and the Soul is the idea of subject permanence, even co-existing without conflict with the acceptance of impermanence.

Is naive realism, or permanent-ism of locality, an idea originating from serious physics?

Or is it an idea arising from the mind of a baby in its earliest stages of development?

Or is it an idea arising from the intent of parental will to stabilize the mind of a child?

A real reality?  Is it a useful illusion?  A temporary conviction?  Presumptuous self-assurance?  The adaptative union of expectation and memory?

Maybe Include or embed Mckenna’s comments on The Word Made Flesh and the Flesh Made Word …

“People are so alienated from their own soul that when they meet their soul they think it comes from another star system.” –   Terence Mckenna  (move to other voices post??)

“Language has the potential to be seen rather than beheld. Well I /saw/ this years ago in ///DMT flashes/// and lo and behold a thorough inspection of Philo Judaeus who lived contemporary with Jesus Christ and was an Alexandrian Jew who wrote volumes of commentary on the religions of his era. Philo Judaeus talks about what he calls the Logos. The Logos was an interiorized teaching voice, which Greek ecstatics sought to contact, and Philo sets up a little dialogue and the first speaker says, what would be a more perfect Logos? A more perfect Logos than the informing, teaching voice? Philo answers, the more perfect Logos would go from being heard to being beheld without ever crossing over a noticeable moment of transition. Astonishing! I always wondered, did they know what they were talking about? What did it mean to them? What did it mean to him to write that sentence?”

  • Terence McKenna

The Terence McKenna OmniBus 2012 – 9/12 – “The More Perfect Logos”  search Youtube


The Meaning of Meaning, Reality, Cognition and Linguistics (Noam Chomsky, Terence Mckenna)

Man Is Only a Potentiality and Not Actuality (BAD AUDIO – TRANSCRIBE TO TEXT)

The sounds you hear on the wind are the voices of our ancestors still telling us how to sing and make the music that was given to us by the bird nation. The songs of our people will never be lost as long as we sit and listen to the wind. When we need a medicine song we only have to offer tobacco and listen. Soon the wind will whisper the song we need for healing or for helping the people.

Later from the grouse and the woodpecker, we learned to make the drum, and from the woodpecker we also were given the flute. Rattlesnake gave us the medicine of his rattle to scare away the bad Tokas (spirits). From many animals and creatures, we were given all the things we now take for granted.

The Standing Nation (trees) is still here to carry the voices in their branches of the ancient ones as they tell us their story and teach us their songs.

We are told that all the earth that is ever going to be is here, on this what we call Mother Earth. All the water is here and just recycles in this bubble around the Earth Mother. All the air is here and is recycled from oxygen to carbon dioxide in this bubble. Without these things there can be no life, on this, our Mother. As for the wind, it is also here and circles around the Earth Mother, cooling her and heating her in the seasons. In this wind there is all the sound that ever was and ever will be on this Earth Mother. The wind is carrying the voices of our ancestors so we will never forget who we are, and where we came from.

Sometimes I can go and stand on a hill when the wind is blowing and hear the sound or the ancient ones playing instruments that I do not know. The sound is so sweet that it fills me with wonder and peace. Bells and flutes, horns of birch bark, rattles, drums — all of these are in the wind that flows around this sweet Earth Mother. Ocean waves are in the sound as they crash on the shores. The voices of the animals and people and birds are here in the wind. All the music until now is in the wind. The sounds of people in laughter and in pain are in the wind. All the sounds of war and destruction are also in the wind.

All of my relation’s voices are carried in the sound of the wind from all the places of the Earth, making one band singing and playing in harmony. So I am never alone and I am always with my people. The wind sings the songs of our people, all of our people, in one voice, in one song for peace.   – Native American Story

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