Renunciation is the Basic Human Psychology

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It should be recognized that renunciation/rejection of the importance of the physical world is not delusional.  Renunciation is normal both for unhealthy and healthy people.  It’s a natural orientation in human beings which is innately expressed, and would lead to health, creative activity, and personal clarity and confidence, but is generally interrupted by society’s demands which are made generally and without respect for the individual.  Renunciation of “materialistic attitudes” and “the physical world” need not be associated with ‘belief in spirits,’ which causes confusion.

Society’s conscious interruption of renunciation is an unconscious interruption of the development of the intelligence of the individual, as well as an interruption of the individual’s possibility for a conscious process of healing any ills have may have forming/formed.

// Materialism is the assumption of primary importance and conscious focus on  hurried short-sightedness and mental orientations/patterns which exist only for gaining advantage over others. ///

Lack of recognition of the ‘renunciation aspect of human nature’ is the source of many tragic social misunderstandings.  A society without the recognition of the legitimacy of rejecting physical society is an unconscious one, populated by self-confirming cyclically reinforced feelings of predetermination.  A society with no value of self-knowledge, contemplation, or respect for the philosophical development of man/theindividual is obviously one which does (has predetermined itself not to) not consider individual free will to be a high value either (or vice versa).  And good conversation would be obviously lacking as well.  Okay okay I’m talking about America.  Sorry.

even from an early age, before any life-compromising mistakes are made..

Renunciation is more normal, and more accurately descriptive of human nature, compared to fixation, habituation, wage-labor, outward sexuality and power driven ego assertion.

Renunciation (fasting, solitude/non-participation, rejection of physical pursuits, rejection of animal assumptions, rejection of “material values”) is more normal than the dominant current conception of human nature which is a self-reinforcing deterministic cycle of suggestion and influence toward sex and violence.

In its most natural form, renunciation is basically when a young person decides that the spirit is vastly more important than any other physical pursuits people may be engaging in.  With the modern form of culture, this decision can be dangerous because the society will tend to denounce and reject his participation.

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