Sexism and Racism are Related Phenomena

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…  This is a bit wordy for my taste, but I guess it has enough meaning to keep it here…

Sexism and Racism are often found in the same person.  They are tied together by simple identification with the physical body, and the ego which clings to appearances and the roles associated with those appearances.

Physicalist self-identification is a the root of all evil – and capitalist politics is the second root of all evil.  Religious traditions were attempted antidotes to this philosophical ignorance.

It’s the archetypal example of the source of all immorality, shallow perception, reason and excuse for violence and disregard of respect.

The group-think of material logic is the antithesis of human freedom and human values.

The identity of the body is one step lower on the moral scale than identification with the ego.

If the identity of the ego becomes fixed and frozen, it becomes inured to the expression of the evil of its social ignorance and philosophical emptiness.

The word “God” rightly exists just to negate people who identify themselves in this simplistic materialistic fashion.

If identification with the physical body is a choice which you make, which is an aesthetic choice to highlight relative importance, you become an evil actor in the world.

Destructive ignorance becomes a permanent drive when the body becomes the ego and the ego becomes the body, and faith in the infinite is lost.

When racists hold high the word God for their own purposes, it makes sense to worship Lucifer, the inner light which unites all human beings equally, as a counterpoint.  When racists hold high Lucifer, the form of the body, for their own purposes, it makes sense to worship God, the infinite space -mind beyond mind -light beyond light, as a counterpoint which again equalizes all human beings as divinely priceless.

Lucifer is the One which is Empty, pointing to Infinite Forms of beauty in the world as inevitable, fulfilling all possibilities.

God is the Infinite Void which sacrifices his own existential potency in order to reflect on the choice of the One which is born into the world, allowing for connection to the Infinite Source of Spaces behind all the inevitable Worlds of Form.

When hate expresses itself as material favoritism, it makes sense to worship emptiness as the negation of meaningless ideation.  When an empty nihilism politically expressed as self-righteous neglect of human potential, is expressed as a racist triumphalism, it makes sense to worship God actualized in the flesh of the world acting to protect the least among all; a choice to negate personal self-identity with the will for protection against the negation of others’ identity.

It all comes down to personal intent, the meaning present in your words and actions, and the inherent effect that you have on others.  Free will is inseparable from choice of words, as speech is action.  Material determinism will always be tainted by its link to the ego’s racist-sexist assumption of a deserved victory over the ideals of total transcendence of suffering.

Sexism and Racism are Related — review Obama’s statements

articles, quotes etc, my opinion identification with the body primarily

Obama at Prayer Breakfast Speech | People Committed Terrible Deeds in Name of Christ During Crusades

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