Socialism and Capitalism

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LINK to “Capitalism is Vicious Socialization”

Capitalism and Socialism, are they at war?  Or are they the same basic action? – creation of the world that people will inhabit.

Job-creators have become the sole proprietors of malignant socialization.  Capitalists are the most vicious type of socialists, just as communists are the most vicious type of capitalists.  Capitalists have become malevolent advocates for their own form of socialization.  Exclusive capitalism has expressed itself as a contradiction of its own ideals.

It exists to transcend itself.  Anything is possible, but the modern style of capitalism has made the world impossible to live in for the majority of people.  An extreme of selfishness designed into government policy has the world this way.

People should be able to self-socialize – create their own jobs.  Because they are not dogs.  They are being bred to be like dogs, to compete for an owner’s praise and acceptance.

There is no such thing as capitalism generally.  It’s what we choose to make it.  If we choose to make it slavery, then we’ll be at each others throats and it will be immoral to have children come into the world and meet the situation.

If that’s what our leaders want society to be; the actualization of good will and personal intelligence will be an illusion.

Everyone will be a terrorist on the inside, and our politics will reflect that, as it does now.

The class of managers, which we suffer under, are not earning what they are choosing to pay themselves.

Jobs which require a great deal of education, high intelligence, and personal creativity should be paid well.

Jobs which are not so highly looked upon, and are not generally desire-able, should be paid equally fairly for entirely different reasons.

There should be no jobs which are paid a low amount.  There is no excuse for creating a job, and then devaluing the job.  A corporation cannot justify its expansion if it is built on low-wage workers, whether or not they’re considered unskilled or part-time.

A life’s work which is not directly invented by the individual himself should be considered a secondary economy.

That secondary economy should not be, as it is now, filled with scams, tricks, false projections, false social reflections, false social interactions, fake communication, self-destructive self-image creation, and negative intentions toward humanity and its efforts.

Either society will re-engineer itself, and re-imagine what capitalism means for individuals – or the world will end in a rapid succession of mega-disasters, fire and floods.  It’s our choice.

Capitalist “Society” has not avoided fiercely malignant “Socialization” in its practice.  – link to other post –

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