Solutions to Deadly Climate Change and Various Forms of Pollution

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What we often hear is resignation to doom because governments are unresponsive, and corporate leadership is outwardly negligent.  They care about immediate economic expediency, and any consequences are externalized as unimportant.  They aren’t taking seriously the information coming from Earth scientists, and environmental study groups.

What are the solutions to deadly climate change?

And how can the various forms of pollution be controlled?

If governments begin to panic, and then start trying short term solutions which sound “smart” but which are actually dumb – we may see even worse damage.

Any scientist who wants to “solve” the problem by releasing more synthetic chemicals into the atmosphere are not scientists, they are capitalists.

The only realistic solutions are …  Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming

Stronger Evaluation of Chemical Pollutants and Macro-material pollution, Nationally Managed Recycling Programs.

Why China Doesn’t Want You Trash Anymore

China Trash Ban Creates Crisis for US Recyclers

Loss of Chinese Export Market Drives New Ideas

Review- Why are we failing at recycling and trash management, as a civilization?  What America Needs is: A National Recycling Program which requires direct coordination between packaging manufacturers and large recycling facilities well-distributed across the country.  The product producers and consumers should only be a passive but cooperative intermediate in the process.  The proper destination for the recycled package should already be clearly decided before it reaches the consumer, so there is no confusion.

How can society prevent non-recyclable trash from building up in landfills and oceans?  Are there strategies for processing it into compressed form and “sequestering” its presence?  Can we require that all packaging be recyclable material?  Probably.  Can we require that all product components be recyclable?  Maybe not.


+Clean-up Projects+

(Good Key Words –> Sustainable, Renewable, Restoration, Organic)

(Evil Key Words –> Conventional, Synthetic, Chemical Pollutants, Deregulation, Capitalist)

+Solar Farms+

+Wind Farms+

+Organic Farms+

+Soil Restoration+


Organic Soil Restoration, Re-forestation, Carbon-Sequestration..

google research – organic farming and climate change global warming

google research – deforestation and reforestation and climate change and global warming

google research – sustainable green energy technology should be aggressively subsidized  (electric cars, solar panels, windfarms)  

google research – All fossil fuels should be outlawed as soon as possible, immediately

google research – emissions controls

carbon taxation strategy appears to be a weak influence at this late stage – nationalization with an eye toward full phase-out should be favored

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