Squaring the Circle

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the impossibility of squaring the circle is/was directly related to the impossibility of calculating pi to perfect accuracy, reaching the last digit in an infinite sequence

relate to infinity, pi, apeirogon

impossible to be done on paper with a finite number of steps, but leads to the visualization of an apeirogon

-a circle contains infinite dimensions-  this is a fact within the universe and within a mind inventing geometry – a miracle or a disaster – relative, expansive, responsive to conscious will because of its self-similar form to that geometry, its affinity to it.  A circle is the symbol of the union of opposites because it is that, the first understanding sign or written language formation.  The primary correlation, the first direct correlation, of the mental universe and the physical universe was the noticing of the circle to be a primary form(archetype) of existence, cosmic and natural.  Perfect and imperfect, determinate and indeterminate, the flow of mind into the universe, the choice of conscious intellect and the will to know.  In the mind there is an infinite field of circles, both relative and real.  A circle is like a line because it forms a boundary.  The choice of focus, or relative distance or size of a unit …

All useful designation of units are a linear division of an imaginary number line, which has physical location only where we find it useful to apply such measurement.

  • UNITS ARE BY DEFINITION LINEAR – inherent in the idea of a unit is the idea of the absence of that unit and the potentially infinite multiplicity of the unit.  There is no possible direct translation / correlation between chosen linear/numerical units and circular geometry and/or curved spaces/surfaces including all possible arcs-ellipses-parabolas-curves



numerical designation combined with geometrical definition combined with conscious choice of focus within an infinite free field of possible choice

classification, control






? Circle Illusion ? Straight Lines or Curves ?

The Circle and Straight Line, Volume 2 



  • relative distance
  • https://www.google.com/search?q=circle+infinite+radius&oq=circle+infinite+radius
  • https://www.google.com/search?q=circle+infinitesimal+radius&oq=circle+infinitesimal+radius





choice and motion are division of the totality of the circle of potentially infinite awareness




  • all units of measurement are either dimensionless or relative to one linear dimension
  • a circle, between an infinite distance and infinite closeness, contains all possible linear distinctions.  The only thing more indeterminate than a circle is a curve which changes its curvature.
  • a fractal geometry calculated and animated to infinity contains the appearance of all opposite mathematical qualities which are possible to conceive.
  • A conscious mind working within light has defined, and necessarily determines and defines a point in space, or two if something is observed and considered oppositely to the self.  Or any number.
  • A conscious mind working within light has defined, and necessarily determines a line between an observer and a point of observation.  Geometrical truths are facts and choices, useful and useless.  They are real and unreal, determinate and indeterminate.

A circle contains all possible linear measurements/dimensions/numerical designations/lengths.

All consideration of unitary measurement is relative, and approaching accuracy to a potentially infinite degree, but sufficient to be useful in physical constructions and calculation of trajectories.

  • A unit can be defined on a circle, or a circle can be a unit within a higher dimensional space.  A location determinable only by a mind in space (which is more complex than a point)

A location and a quantified point, or quantification within a boundary, outside of which there is a more complex reality / both interacting and being resisted from interaction by the boundary /


  • every act of choice of units are temporary choices, for dealing with a particular kind of physical existence, within a particular expanding sphere of conscious awareness, of a point of focus and numerical acceptance of possible relative existence of 1 type of unity, 1 type of absence, and 1 type of infinity.  A unit is a union of a quantity, which is like a section of a line which extends forever, and a quality which creates a relative conception of a physical material.

all intellectual choices are limited by categorical utilitarian purpose which is then applied relatively in the world.

all conscious choices in the mind form a relative and self-limiting sphere of focus

a unit is like a point on a line(1D)

a unit is like a line in a graph(2D)

a unit is like a circle spinning relative to another circle (3D)

a unit is like a sphere spinning/rotating relative to a 4Torus(4)

or a dimensionless value … (0D or infiniteD)  (when a unit is only a number, it is coupled with a value which is a choice of physical relativity and a choice of the mind)

Consciousness, when confined to the mind or physical body motion, is like the simplest geometry.

Because the Cosmos has beautiful simplicity and Life has intelligence and efficiency.

The simplest geometry assumes the existence of the next most complex geometry; it is embedded in the next most complex geometry require to contain the previous within itself.

what does it say about the limits of calculation along curved space, impossibility of perfect accuracy?

units are chosen limits of accuracy

irreducible element of approximation – relative designation of numerical value/quality based on use-purpose alone -choice of focus- numerical relativity of chosen quantities

relative conscious co-determination

indeterminacy of conscious presence at any point along moving surface of curved space, living or not living

spirituality, materialism, god

math and science as a marriage of opposites, mental/mind and physical/matter, play and seriousness, potential and actual, infinite and finite

consolidate this post with Yoga of Mathematicians..  link to potential geometry post, contemplation of infinity post, sacred circle post

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