Study The Mental Artifacts of Yoga in All Cultures

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If you plan to practice yoga or other meditation practices and you come from a western background, the analysis of yoga with your mind is inevitable, and unfortunately somewhat backwards.  This can lead to a strange multiplicity of impressions, paradoxes, and quandaries.

If you have any interest in Religions in general, the study of yoga with the mind is also almost unavoidable.  This page is meant to be a primer or a supplement to your study.  It is beneficial to orient your focus in the proper way so as not to become cultish, confused, or laborious.


Study Yoga with your mind, just not while you’re attempting it.  Analyzing yoga with your logical mind while attempting to do physical postures is like thinking about relativity theory while driving on the highway.  It could get dangerous.  Wait a minute.. Am I really moving?

How can-should yoga be studied with the mind?



Key Terms to Note in the Study of Yoga in English


Key Terms to Note in the Study of Yoga in Sanskrit


Books for Technical Study of Positioning and Analyzing Direct Instructional Advice and Meditation Techniques


Books for glimsping the psychological orientation of  Indian Hindu Practitioners


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