Supersymmetry in Geometrical Analysis, Calculative Physics, and Archetypal Psychology

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Compare concepts in physics “UNIFICATION” and “SYMMETRY” and “SUPER-SYMMETRY”

Compare these concepts with psychological concepts of “Archetypes” and “Sacred Geometries”

What is the future of this idea?  How much has to be discovered before Supersymmetry can be considered a reality?

Consider “Geometrical Supersymmetry” in relation to living systems, quantum systems, and cosmos systems..  

This can also be called “Archetypal Supersymmetry” or “Fractal Supersymmetry”

Consider quantitative (super)symmetry..  or symmetry of equations with interchangeable factors, numerical designations, quantitative symbols

These two ways of thinking about “symmetry” seem to be vastly different.  Are they related?

What is the relationship between the idea of “Unification” and the idea of “symmetry” and “Supersymmetry” ?

Are they related ideas?  How are they related?

An ultimate unification of psychology and physics is dreamed of.

Consider the recurrence of the 0 1 infinity in cosmic physics, quantum physics, and sacred psychology..  ask, can it be coincidence?  What meaning will this strange quantitative correlation have in the light of supersymmetry and the future theory which wants to cover all existence? How does 0 1 infinity relate to the geometry of hyperspace?

What does supersymmetry have to do with the holographic correspondence theory?

Is symmetry the most boring idea in physics?  Or is it the most interesting idea?

Looked at quantitatively, it is the most boring.  Looked at geometrically, it is the most interesting.

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