Take Responsibility for Everything the Mind has Ever Done

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(Is the growing seed the idea of God in the mind of man?  Or is it any idea with a future?  Ideas that have a future are potential infinities.)

Take responsibility for everything, good and bad, that the mind has ever achieved.

You did it.  It wasn’t just some other person.

The mind invented calculus.  I am the mind with consciousness.  This is what invented calculus.  Calculus came to be under my watch.  I invented calculus and so did you.  I invented/discovered everything that man has ever invented/discovered.  Whatever has been created for good, there has been the nature that I identify with.  I am that I am.

The mind murders innocent people.  I am the mind without consciousness.  I murdered every innocent person that was ever murdered.  That confession won’t hold up in court.  The mind with consciousness can engulf the mind without whole operation, and make it new.  Not the identity of, but the identity with the ill and injured criminal, both in strategic fighting and in amelioration of health gives final success in the quest of the good.  The farther society advances, the greater the possibility of quick rehabilitation.

We seek identity with the ill and the injured, as the nurtured have their identity given to them.

I am the end of the process and all the worst possible misdirections.  This identity makes it possible to recover the path.

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