The Anti-Philosophy of Capitalism


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Capitalists are thieves of time, thieves of life, thieves of mental resources and thieves of the productions of labor.  They are thieves of earthly resources, thieves of national wealth, and in many cases thieves of personal wealth.  They don’t care about the effect they have on others, or the totality of the planet and its many communities.

The promotion of capitalism as a collective basis of society is a fall-back idea for those people who have no creative intelligence to contribute to society.  The current practice of capitalism is an intentional degradation of work.  Capitalists have no real knowledge.  They buy knowledge for immediate use, similar to how they buy us for immediate use.  Capitalists have a faked relationship to human beings and society as a whole.  They make everyone an enemy.  They will have us as an enemy, as they want.

To modern capitalism, appearances are far more important than reality.


A non-philosophy is a philosophy with no content, but people go on talking anyway.  And here we are, the place we call home, an empty headed bullshit factory where our assumed duty is to serve invisible people who are viciously against the values of human community and workers’ rights and protections.  In this world, common wisdom is the denial of reality, and a vicious attitude toward of the true nature of the self and intelligent human existence.

Either you seek truth, and suffer for it.  Or you seek money, and suffer for that instead.  It’s rarely both.

If it’s both, you probably could use some medical attention.

The quest for money and the quest for knowledge are two different quests.

Those who call themselves Christian are not capitalist.

Those who call themselves capitalist are not Christian.

Capitalism is not a human philosophy.  It was never a human philosophy.  It never will be a human philosophy.

Capitalists actively work against the development of philosophy, and unfortunately some ignorantly science-minded people support them in this effort.  The combined materialism of capitalism and science has wrenched even religious people away from philosophy.  This is a great human tragedy.

The Capitalist doesn’t even strive to be a society, a place live-able for everyone.  It sees society as an impossibility, and strives to make it so.

“Capitalism as a philosophy” is an empty head or worse.  That’s all.

The attitudes engendered/inculcated by capitalism ACTIVELY PREVENT genuine religious life and genuine intellectual life, thoroughly destroying human nature.  And they don’t even notice anything is gone.  The concept of “the spiritual life” used to exist, but now its mention will illicit and blank stare and neurotic worry in most Americans.

Capitalism gets in the way of self-directed education and steals the purpose of learning from the individual center.

I personally feel the way that all people are being judged from a capitalist viewpoint.  It’s inappropriate.  It’s anti-religious.  It’s anti-intellectual.  It’s not human.

Capitalism cannot be a parental filter encouraged by the mind-set of a degenerate managerial class.  It’s the root of pathology.

Parents are supposed to be able to pass down knowledge or skills or resources for continuing creative activity.  This is not what parents do nowadays, so I assume that most children are accidental or half-consciously planned.  Capitalist lifestyle keeps people in a perpetually deteriorated state, and then kids have to suffer through their parents’ mis-perceptions of human nature and learning.

Most parents are engaged in distracting their children from true knowledge seeking so that they will accept the capitalist lifestyle.

Way more often than would be humanly acceptable, the modern parental ego is death incarnate.

The collective goal of capitalism is to make you as insecure as possible so that you will become easily controlled labor.  Determinism works for capitalist social engineers and they know it.  They don’t want to have to deal with your perceptions, preferences, difficulties or ideals.  They want an impersonal contract, for buying you personally.  Self-determination has become a myth.  The will is denied as a reality.  Knowledge is denied as a reality.  Both subjective and objective freedom, denied as a reality.

In reality, people who call themselves capitalists are lazy trolls.  The entirety of their society is based on trying to get other people to do their work for them.  That’s what a capitalist does.  It’s not a fully real society.  It’s an anti-society, or a society with no respect for philosophy at all, where the fortunate people are lazy and full of expectations of others.  The actions of a few shouldn’t eclipse the freedom of everyone as a whole.  Even imagining a better place is a step toward doing the right thing.  These degenerate rich psychopaths are leaving the earth an unlivable hell-hole suitable for no children to be born in.  Do you want to leave that for your children to realize?  Take responsibility.

Determinism is a particular orientation which is detrimental to life generally.  It makes conversation almost impossible and makes solutions to problems seem impossibly distant.  Combine deterministic beliefs with capitalism, war, racism/sexism, and you get a simplistic attitude toward language which makes the problems permanent.  You are the problem.

Capitalism is an equally vicious form of collectivism as any other fascist state has ever been.  It is a paradoxically divided form of collectivism.

Capitalism is mentally deadly for those who respect philosophy and human nature.

The current state of American capitalism is actively causing ill health and preventing the acceptance of healing practices, even something simple as rest.

Science and “God” will rightly take the credit for creativity and inventions away from “capitalism.”

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