The Banker Economy


google best books written about 2008 economic crisis, housing crisis, “banking crisis”


bankers in obama administration, bankers in bush administration, bankers in clinton administration, bankers in reagan administration


Trump Treasury Pick Foreclosed On An Elderly Woman For 27 Cents – maybe cut soros point at end

Trump Wants The President Of Goldman Sachs In His Administration

Dylan Ratigan: Is “Breaking Up The Banks” Enough?



wall street research, de-regulation and revolving door government, occupy movement, etc

google “banker crimes study”

Banks Unregulated > Buys Politicians > Cause Economic Crash > Take Tax Money from Bought Politicians


2008 crash and scams caused it?  bad loans?

plans to foreclose as much as possible

bail outs for failed banks

credit unions vs big banks


‘Radicals” Noam Chomsky and Alex Jones on the Crazy Corporate System.  The Plot Thickens..

consolidate and delete the above post ^^^

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