The Finite and the Infinite

I am that I am


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There is certainly an art to asking a good question in mathematics.

The problem known as the continuum hypothesis has had perhaps the strangest fate of all.  The very first problem on the list, it is simple to state: how many points on a line are there?  Strangely enough, this simple question turns out to be deeply intertwined with most of the interesting open problems in set theory, a field of mathematics with a very general focus, so general that all other mathematics can be seen as part of it, a kind of foundation on which the house of mathematics rests.  Most objects in mathematics are infinite, and set theory is indeed just a theory of the infinite.

Mathematician W. Hugh Woodin Explains Continuum Hypothesis

Language is the Union of the Finite and the Infinite

I am that I am

Life is the Concentration of God in the Infinitesimal Moment

A Phrase is the Finite One between the Void and Infinity

Thought is the Will/Striving/Attempt for Unity between the Indefinable Emptiness and the Expanse of Infinity, both Invisible and Indistinguishable

Indeterminate, in the same moment the word arises and is gone

Logos is the Child of our Heavenly Parents

Determiner of the Everlasting

The Essential Freedom of Self / Giving Freedom of Self in Essence

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