The Lucifer Complex

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The devil evades conceptuality equally as the spirit does.

The Being is insulted by fixed names, unless they are carried forward clearly by a potentially eternal will.  The presumption of knowledge by name alone is a resistance to seeking further clarification.

Conceiving of the spirit shows a mirror to the self.  Conceiving of the devil shows a mirror to the self.

…  God and Science are two halves of same mirror directed against one another.  A choice of focus and a following through to a truth of life.

The true knowledge of God and the true knowledge of Science intersect in the artifices of language and technology, which have been recently combined.  This intersection is apparent to those whose focus is meditation on “a point at infinity” identified simultaneously as the mind of man and the light within.

A truth which language fails to fully convey without an ideal combination of imagery and the artful confluence of opposites in conversation.

Geometry as a language of form and symbol is pre-existent to language’s provisionally assigned meaning and mentally fixed conceptuality.  God has eternal geometry associated with it.  Lucifer has eternal geometry associated with it.  Physical science becomes ever more geometrized, and its catalogue will include the eternal ideal geometries as well as the temporary and the chaotic.  They are all real.  And they will make apparent the intersection of previous intuitive science and modern logical science.  Idealization and inter-relatedness are not strangers to physical science.

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