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Kids gotta have time to educate themselves

We should give them the resources necessary to create their own productive learning time.  Instead of forcing it on them in an unnatural way which is meant to mimic corporate obligation.

Mandatory homework policies prevent kids from taking their own direction in their own time.

Teachers should just suggest topics of home study.   They could even give a set of optional assignments for kids that have time and interest to put in extra effort on their chosen subjects.

For a school to have the power to assign you work outside of its normal hours of operation is an enormous power over the individual.  Requiring children to spend time working at home should be illegal.  Collective society shouldn’t attempt to take control of all of a young person’s time.  Explorative learning is self directed, and homework is not.

You gotta be diplomatic about these things because forcing other people to do work is basically fascism.  People know when they’re being tested on things that they didn’t ask to be tested on.  People choose their focus and the totality of their knowledge.  Schools don’t encourage long term commitment and depth.  They just want to keep you conditioned and “comfortable” with meeting demands, deadlines, and taking orders from superiors who control your schedule basically.  We need to give people back a sense of control over their time and their direction in life.  It is being stolen from them by a collective cult of capitalism which masquerades as individualism but which reveals itself to be elitist aristocratic sociopathy.

Homework should be against the law but teachers should encourage people to practice what they learn at home and find a meaningful purpose for knowing it.

Parents are expected to notice their child’s focus and help them develop their specific interests into a productive skill which may be useful to an employer or a market somewhere.  We all know that doesn’t happen.  Schools on the other hand try to occupy all of the students’ time, so as to distract them from their own thoughts and control of their personal life.  Schools try to fill their heads with a wide spectrum of subjects.  They can’t cover everything, and they shouldn’t try to do that for 12 years.  Maybe 4, then the student should choose their own path and pursue that until deep knowledge is gained and is able to develop into real capability.  They shouldn’t be forced to wait until college age to personalize their interests and work toward real career goals.

It is immoral to put children through tests unless they made a conscious/intentful choice to learn the subject and want to be tested for a specific purpose of achieving something and moving forward toward a known goal.  The system doesn’t allow or encourage that kind of individualized choice.  So this system focused on testing has no point to it other than to intimidate the young person, and make them feel under attack/threat/pressure.

Schools don’t have a particular purpose in mind for testing children, and the schools can’t make sure the child has a purpose either.  If neither the schools, the parents, nor the child has a specific purpose for pursuing the test, then it really is meaningless and potentially a negative influence.  There is an imagination that these three parties are cooperating together toward a future that makes sense for the student.  This is a fiction.

It’s a crime that we put children through 12+ years of school without really giving them time to choose a particular direction and gain understanding of their own goals.  It’s all just “peer/elder” pressure masquerading as guidance.  It’s really a system of continuous demands placed on the individual until they go crazy or find an escape route.  No time is allowed for depth, or real learning, or exploration of new horizons of creativity.

relate education to the idea of education and how we conduct it, and (the real question) WHAT is the appropriate orientation(process attitude expectations) that SOCIETY AND ITS INSTITUTIONS’ should have toward INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS in their variety and personal /glory/ and true realization of their ultimate intent and potential

Rick Roderick on education teaching as authority and power

…   search saved sessions – roderick

What is the real learning process as experienced by those seeking knowledge as a life long pursuit?

What is the real experience of so-called proper education in the compulsory collectivized process of mass modern schooling?  Who benefits?

This crippling of individuals I consider the worst evil of capitalism. Our whole educational system suffers from this evil. An exaggerated competitive attitude is inculcated into the student, who is trained to worship acquisitive success as a preparation for his future career.   (Albert Einstein, 1949) 

Copy full quotes of Einstein from that one book I have …


Carl Sagan – Einstein and Speed of Light  (cut shorter and re-embed)

Everyone is born a genius, then crushed by society – Michio Kaku

Society is a Hoax – Alan Watts


Terence McKenna – Chaos Provides Opportunity


take mckenna’s first point about women followers of dionysus, maenads, consider in conjunction Saturn myth and modern educational situation with its dehumanizing aspects

Goya, Saturn Devouring One Of His Sons


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Education – Modest Mouse


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