The Son of Man Idea and The Common Soul Archetype

I am that I am

LINK to Name of God

read and take notes …

Compare Son of Man Idea to Greek Idea of the World Soul and Indian Idea of Atman

find mentions in the bible, serpent must be lifted up, as in the wilderness — what other posts do i have saved about this … ?

son of man is quintessentially religious but can’t represent himself in words, especially to a modernist elder class

Explaining oneself in words is a dimunition and limiting of the self.

There is no conversation.  People are expected to describe their existence as they are crushed by the preconceptions of an elder class.

The demands from existing institutional structure to the youth, is a direct insult to those attempting to enter society.


every verse which reminds me of the meaning of the Name of God or the concept of the Union of Jesus and the Son of Man, I will collect here  (and consider including in the main ‘Name of God’ post

Include Final Judgement section or most of it.. copy and paste from bible site

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