The First Worst Type of Psychosis

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invisibilia podcast

daniel amen ted talk about his son

etc..  mark gordon on joe rogan talking about TBI?

This is way more common than anyone would like to admit, or anyone would naturally assume.  

Mainly to blame are the social practices and environmental practices of capitalists.

Terrorism and war cannot be solved without detoxification and re-imagining of the goals of capitalism.

Traumatic brain injury, or mild head or neck injury, can cause “psychopathic” neurological problems.   This can happen suddenly or over time.  Poisoning of the environment, and long-term infectious disease, can contribute to the formation of these brain problems.

physical treatment

cognitive behavioral psychology –

ideas of thoughts as meaningless VS ideas of thoughts as meaningful

intention for the dissociation and dropping of thoughts VS intentions for the instrospection and integration of thought forms.

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