Tips Are Not Wages + Other Corporate Social Problems

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Work is the norm, Workers are the majority.  Corporate CEOs are not required to be smart.  No one is testing them on that.  They can buy information as knowledge, and it is often expedient to do so.  Such people encourage themselves to live on a shallow level of conscious activity.  Their place in society does not prove their specialness or superiority in any human dimension, not even leadership.

The process of “looking for a job” is “formalized begging.”

WHAT IS A FAIR WAGE FOR NON-SKILLED “Service” JOBS??  (the most plentiful type of job, arguably?)

If it’s unskilled work, we can assume the person who created the job was not a genius.  Most workers have absolutely no reason to respect their employer, especially in the current social and institutional climate we find ourselves in.

DON’T CALL THEM “ENTRY LEVEL JOBS” because basically ALL service sector corporations have only ONE BASIC LEVEL.  The managerial level is just a slightly more gullible entry level.

ALL SERVICE SECTOR CORPORATIONS SHOULD BE TRANSFORMED INTO PROFIT-SHARING WORKER-OWNED COLLECTIVES WHO ACTUALLY SUPPORT HUMAN COMMUNITIES in their particular locality AND OFFER A WAY TO BECOME AN INDEPENDENTLY CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL WITH RESOURCES AT HAND.  People need their own time and space to create a life worth living.  If the institutions of society prevent this from happening, they should be reformed or physically halted.

// rewrite //

Large nationwide-worldwide service-based, skill-less jobs are not beneficial to any particular community.  Their effect on the people in the locality is a combination of the benefit of the product or service, and the experience of the people working there, and any external effects that the activitiy of the business may cause.  Both the customers and the workers must be protected by laws from what may otherwise be the will of a slave-driving inhuman moron who happens to be rich.


IN AN HONEST WORLD, MINIMUM WAGE COULD BE SOMETHING LIKE $25 with $5 MINIMUM RAISES.  Small raises have no social purpose and are economically impractical.  Raises which are less than several dollars actually aren’t rewarding or motivating to people.  It just creates/perpetuates/accentuates an unequal relationship, creates a false lifestyle of looking up to “generically hard workers” and insults the integrity of the individual, creates a pet/owner relationship in which you have to expect and demand tiny rewards.  People are actually human beings, not just the idiots they seem to be.  Intelligent people don’t operate based on reward and/or punishment.  But the socialization of capitalism would have you believe they do.

Minimum Wage Hike Would Boost Economy By Billions

PROOF: Increase In Minimum Wage Boosts Economy & Pay For Everyone



read and maybe quote

Fox Host Bravely Stands Up To Minimum Wage Workers

Republicans: Tax The Bottom 50% More

The Economy is Bullshit

Jobs are created as a ‘take it or leave it’ deal.  Workers aren’t in a position to negotiate, although many are pressured into thinking they are.  CEOs/Corporations would like to argue that the law has put us in a position to negotiate.

Unions are created so that this “negotiation” becomes formal, rather than imagined and coerced.

The norms of today’s society have decided that the majority of people won’t have time to work on anything meaningful, or even have a traditionally human life.  They will only have time to submit themselves to an impersonal exploitative situation in which the individual has no voice and no recognized human strivings.  So the only way to fix society is to fight the people who made life a bad deal for everybody.

Rationalizing life as a deterministic “game theory” is not a good excuse for making capitalism as shitty as possible for everyone.  It’s not even a good theory.  Human motivation is more complex and interesting.

Borderline autistic people are now writing laws and choosing social theories.  People with literally no correct social perceptions are the ones making up the rules for our culture now.

Game theory is not a unification of any previous understandings.  It’s just a simplification of life and choices for people who can’t think complex thoughts or contemplate deeper human values.

Life is only a win-lose game if you have dumb animalistic leaders.

Life is actually not a game where self-interested boobs go around baselessly challenging each other for personal gain and the opportunity to express false pride.

Way to go America.

Wealth Concentration Is Clogging The Heart Of The Economy

Kids are taught to take charge and make their way with individual effort, but then the individual is subsumed by a pre-determined lifestyle spread by social darwinistic capitalist workplace assumptions, in the generally unskilled service sector in which such an attitude it is basically inappropriate and potentially offensive on a human level, making society actually exclusive in the most retarded way possible, rather than encouraging people to take on challenges that fit their individual reality.  And..  usually while their families are mentally absent and uncollaborative in terms of understanding possibilities of work and creating a good life, because they’re working too hard.  Capitalism in current practice is not meant to be individualistic.  They want you to think it is.  The main participants in a company and society generally, are the workers.  We shouldn’t be raising free individuals to be workers with no rights or opportunities.

Wage Theft – How Employers Steal $50 Billion A Year From US Workers

Terence McKenna – If You Play Long Enough, You Figure Out You’re Being Screwed

Americans Fear Losing Their Jobs Over Vacation

British People ‘Appalled’ By U.S. Health Care

Here are a list of current American capitalist operations which I consider to scammy bullshit and strikingly coercive social engineering, socially deterministic and socially darwinistic anti-human behaviourist manipulative bullshit.  My ideal capitalism would be one in which all these things were renegotiated to favor the majority in the corporation, and therefore in the country, which are the workers.  All worker protections should be strengthened to the ideal for humane and prosperous life for everyone.  Companies are made up, there’s no denying that.  They aren’t exactly realities.  We made them up out of thin air.  That means we’re fully responsible for what life is like for the people involved.  There’s no reason we should respect people who own a public place over the people who do the dirty work day to day.  People must make a conscious choice to respect the youth and the compassionate majority.  Most people don’t fit into selfishly created collectivist service sector hellscape with its spiritless machinelike social etiquette and predictably shallow alcohol and cigarette driven managerial staff.  

The current economy really is a bohemoth-like creation of a dying breed of anti-intellectual pseudo-religious slave-driving pharoah-like morons who think they matter more than all human beings.

Some people feel they have the right to take command over other people’s lives.

No Vacation Nation

Current service sector work is built to take advantage of people with mental problems and to dominate the minds of youth.

All jobs should be a stepping stone to self driven work.  And if it doesn’t pay enough to facilitate such freedom, then the system is toxically deformed and should be revolted against and re-created by its participants.  Low-paying, disrespectfully designed work just shouldn’t exist.  People should collectively decide not to allow it to exist.  If large numbers of people are in a situation of having to rely on badly designed jobs to pay their bills and support families, then there really is no functioning economy.

We shouldn’t accept the contemporary service sector economy to be ‘just the way it is.’  It is now what the economy is, for the most part.  But now more than ever, the economy is just something somebody made up.  And why should we respect it as a reality or as a culture?

Norms of parental psychology and norms of managerial psychology should never be allowed to merge, or the resulting infantilization and reflexive disrespect of the general citizenry-workforce will lead to intense expressions of anarchy and alienation both within families and within workplaces.



The Minimum Wage Loophole That’s Screwing Over Waiters and Waitresses

We should take responsibility for each other’s well-being in regard to worker safety and workplace fairness, because often once you’re aware of the deeper problems, you’re trapped in them without a voice.

TIPS = WAGES SCAM is called the Tip Credit by the Department of Labor law    (Fair Labor Standards Act)

This policy is anti-labor and pro-employer.  It’s simply a transfer of 5 dollars an hour, or several hundred dollars a month, from the workers to the CEO.  The amount of tips received shouldn’t even have to be recorded by the employer, because it’s a transaction only between the customer and the employee, and a personal one.  One which should be inappropriate to legislate about.  A company is set up to “expect and encourage tips” so it can claim a wage deduction, and this quite an awkward arrangement

Tip Credit: Section 3(m) of the FLSA permits an employer to take a tip credit toward its minimum wage obligation for tipped employees equal to the difference between the required cash wage (which must be at least $2.13) and the federal minimum wage. Thus, the maximum tip credit that an employer can currently claim under the FLSA section 3(m) is $5.12 per hour (the minimum wage of $7.25 minus the minimum required cash wage of $2.13). Under certain circumstances, an employer may be able to claim an additional overtime tip credit against its overtime obligations.

Service sector employees already feel like slaves compared to skilled workers.  Why would you take away what they earn?

This is an example of clear collusion between elite interests and governmental policy legislation.

How many american companies do this??  How many service sector jobs allow or encourage tipping??


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires payment of at least the Federal minimum wage to employees.  An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the Federal minimum wage

If an employee’s tips combined with the employer’s direct wages of at least $2.13 an hour do not equal the Federal minimum hourly wage, the employer must make up the difference.

This law incentivizes having a company which encourages tipping from the as a way of saving money on labor, taking advantage of a transfer of cost to the customer and employee.

The payment practices of these trashy places is truly epic bullshit.  It’s a victimizer of children and young people who think they’re adults but who have no say in what happens to them.


the current system of raises are a cras form of social manipulation which shouldn’t be tolerated, it’s an insult to people.  Don’t toy with people, you know what would motivate them in a serious way, and you know what is simply an insult and a rejection of a respectable relationship between employer and employee.  The ideal would be for the company owner to have a negotiable and egalitarian attitude, which would then lead to an ideal workspace within the culture itself, and comfortable economic situation which allows for the growth and freedom of the worker’s life in free time.  But instead it may be necessary to make changes through government and law, because many powerful capitalists, who may have inherited their wealth and way of thinking, are people haven’t evolved beyond the mentality of slavery, fatalistic determinism, backwards anti-intellectualism, and  //physical conservation laws applied to human economics//, entropy and death.

A similar scam is making drivers/delivery workers pay for the gas that it takes to do the job!  It’s a business cost.  It’s part of running the business.  Just because the car is outside the premises does not mean you can scam your workers.  It would be like charging a dishwasher for the water that he used to clean your dishes.  HOW BOUT FUCK YOU!

Then there are places like Panera which don’t allow customers to tip the workers.  That’s another scam.

Another scam is that companies-interviewers who are managing-hiring unskilled workers often carry on operations-assumptions as if it were skilled labor, with a high standard of knowledge and a good competitive reason to keep some people out.  The managerial ego is inflated and imagines even itself to be skilled labor, when it is technically not.  This is an important distinction.  People who apply to these jobs in the newly evolving service sector environment shouldn’t be expected to prove themselves in any traditional way, and the stringent and invasive social judgement of them, which we see happening, really should be considered unusual, unwelcome and potentially in some cases extremely offensive.  Facebook checks, drug tests, economically acquired assumptions about what is normal socializing or a normal way of describing yourself or your life, all of this is severely inappropriate in a civilized culture. (especially when it comes to the situation of the unskilled labor force in this country)  Businesses should stay as formal as possible in their respect for human dignity.  This has been reject, disregarded, and lost, except in special cases.

Also, these fast food places use cheap unhealthy ingredients to save money on you.  Along with sourcing from farms with pesticide contamination and immoral animal treatment practices, etc.  These ingredients should be illegal.

As they stand now, a hell of a lot of restaurants and stores are really just bad for communities-work and health, if you take the largest possible perspective, fullest consideration with all the human factors involved.  Real human values are not translating into the actions of the society itself.  The selfish ego has protected itself legally rather than the true individual.  This is a malfunction of democracy due to elitism and misunderstanding of human nature and the truth.

Do corporations really have to operate like devious multileveled marketing schemes?   I mean this is real life..  We can design the world to be enjoyable for working people rather than just for demanding idiots.

In an equal system of skilled peers, labor would not be considered a cost to an elite minority who have the ability to hire people.  Everybody should have equal ability to hire each other.  Labor would be considered the product of an individual’s abilities or expertise and should profit the individual directly, not a collectivized instituton.  /Corporations should have to go shopping for skilled workers. Workplaces should have to “sell themselves” to workers, not the other way around, especially in jobs of the unskilled service sector./  Equal, or almost equal, collaboration between human beings assumed to be innocent (not guilty), willingly creative, and dignified, intellectually and socially unique.

Are companies allowed to keep their earnings a secret, and therefore keep their capability to pay worthwhile wages a secret?

A child is born, trust is given, and then forced headlong into death and suicide.  Great job America.

Labor should not be considered simply a material business cost similar to other products the business needs to run.  If we go through life thinking in capitalist ideology, “Labor is a cost.”  Then your mind is a slave, which acts to enslave others.  Labor should be considered direct creators and benefactors of profit, and a cost only second if at all.

Labor(skilled or unskilled) is actually not a product at all, especially unskilled labor.  Unskilled workers should never be expected to “sell themselves” economically or be judged socially by falsely instilled standards of behavior, speech, and intellectual shallowness.  If skilled labor is a product of education and self-determination, then there should be no unequal relationship between employer and job-seeker.  The worker can sell his services and capabilities in a dignified way if he/she knows that the knowledge is valuable to the market.  (Most knowledge is not directly valuable to markets, and therefore genuine scholarship is secondary in modern life.  This is another way that human dignity is degraded and real work is disregarded in favor of collective corporate goals.)

Labor as a cost …

Labor is not a product on the market to be bought at the buyer’s price.  If your labor is a product, why would you let the buyer set the price??

The service sector is like a pawn shop, and you are the product to be sold and resold.   (how reasonable-unreasonable is it to view work/labor/knowledge/skill as a product to be purchased by a company?) 

Does the worker sell his services?  Does a company buy their labor-needs as a product, even if the product is the job “provided” by the company?  What if the product is simply a capability-intelligence action-skill, (rather than considered a fillable position in a particular location?) Does the company own the capability-skill-workdone-finishedwork, or does the working individual own it?  Or do they take an even less respectful attitude than that?  A less

Why should a skilled laborer created a product for someone who doesn’t share the profits significantly?

Job Creators are actually Job Pawners

If you create a corporation, and that corporation has so much work to do that you need to hire people, then that’s “your work to do” not somebody else’s.  But you can’t do it, so you need help.  Generally if I try to get someone to do my job for me, I’d get called lazy.  But in this instance, the all high and mighty employer is taken to be THE ULTIMATE WORKER.  But in fact, the owners are just pawning off the work they don’t want to do themselves.

Owner: I don’t want this work, let me pawn it off on some fool.  Scamming young people these days is a big thing.

Work which is unenjoyable or less-than-human should definitely be paid extra.  //Unskilled repetitive labor should actually be worth more than skilled labor, if we take into consideration — what is the incentive/motivation for someone to do such work?  Either they are forced by circumstance to accept unacceptable conditions, or they  //in terms of monetary value.//  Most skilled labor would be done by the individual even if it wasn’t super profitable.  If skilled labor makes more money for the company, they could justly be paid more.  But if unskilled labor suffers more for the company by default, they should be justly be paid /more than twice as much as they are./

If money is the main motivation in unskilled dead-end jobs.. that should be the reason we pay people handsomely for such crappy work.  Too bad we live in a fake economy with insulting workplaces.

The only way people can get out of dead-end jobs is if they pay well.

Jobs should be truly valuable to the community, as well as the individual, and the CEO.  And if they aren’t, then we know exactly where to trace the blame.

Low labor cost really shouldn’t exist anywhere.  Why would I sell my labor at a low cost??  My time and intelligence are invaluable to me.  The only motivation to sell your labor at a low cost is lack of choices, desparation, or a bad situation in the first pace.  So we are actively victimizing the most vulnerable among us, all to create a ‘service economy’ which is a new beast like slavery but with a mandatory smile.  The corporate ego has no respect for the individual and no sympathy for learning and growing into a real life.


Conditioning people to be helpless is what the modern economy does to people, permanently “unskilled” low-payed service sector “permanently temporary.”

The Service Sector is Intentionally Designed to be THE PERMANENT TEMP ECONOMY and I’m offended for everybody.


We can’t let the newly evolved service sector economy treat itself with the veneer of “skilled labor.”  It’s not.  The company’s collective ego would like to take credit, and it would like to project itself onto you and have you accept its social assumptions.  They disrespect the position of labor which unskilled but currently necessary.  Talking about unskilled labor should not lead to a critique of workers generally, and if it does, you’re an ass. (It would be like a teacher speaking about education all day without actually educating -Ben Stein anyone?- )  Unskilled labor is a “real” large sector of the economy.. and in most service-sector companies, there is only one level basically, the entry level.  The other levels are middle management, higher management, bookkeeping, advertising, stupid shit.  There really is no moving up, especially if you want skills eventually.

The service sector economy must be reformed to favor the individual worker.  The creator of such companies are actually not very creative or skilled people.  Think about it for five seconds.  They didn’t create an awesome science-based corporation which maps the human genome, they didn’t create an awesome electric car which saves the planet, they didn’t invent the lightbulb, they didn’t organize a personal therapy center, they didn’t create mindblowing artwork from their own personal intelligence, they didn’t..   They created a simple physical pleasure-seeking corporation.  That’s its goal.  Why should I respect it in any deep way?  Why should someone who thought up the idea of serving people frozen yogurt be paid more than someone actually serving the frozen yogurt?


Unique Art and Science based corporations are worth much more than simple service based corporations, more reasonably reward people based on merit/levelofskill/orproductivity, and maybe varying levels of commitment to the whole direction-trajectory-totalgoal of the company.

On the other hand, if it’s a fast food place, you have to reward people based on the fact that they are willing to come in there and do your job for you.  You have to reward people based on the fact that people have better things to do.  And ideally this would mean that people get big paychecks (without the psychological ploy of tiny incremental raises) without the all-pervasive puerile faux judgement of another person based on a following-instructions-level-of-intelligence, and without social assumptions which feel like ‘you’re guilty until proven one of us.’

break down the situation, laws, arguments, and bullshit

research about the perceptions of low wage plus tip situation, tips should not count toward MINIMUM WAGE, a tip is a courtesy and a show of appreciation, a direct and extra thank you personally given, I DON’T GIVE TIPS SO THAT THE COMPANY CAN PAY SLAVE WAGES AND GET OUT OF IT’S END OF THE DEAL.. if i wanted to pay the kid’s wages I’d hire at my house.  WTF is this?

I don’t see restaurants negotiating with their customers as to who will pay their salary..  It’s a legal trick they’ve set up for themselves, so the company can pay slave wages.  It’s the last excuse for paying below minimum wage, and it’s a bad one.  You can’t shift the cost of labor onto the customer.  That’s immoral and insane from a real business perspective.  From a treacherous business perspective, it makes sense.

There should be an ultimatum by the people, PAY LIVING WAGES OR BE HALTED, and tips are not wages, and should be legalled defined as NOT EQUIVALENT TO WAGES

It’s an abdication of responsibility..     (but the corporate excuse is that they have to pay the minimum wage if the tips don’t put you over it, and the customer’s excuse is that they sometimes make more than minimum wage with the tip situation — my question is now..  how much do they make with just tips being the payment??  Some of them think it’s worth it………..)

Customers at Steak N Shake:  Well I guess we should all chip in and pay the workers so the company doesn’t have to..  Whaddaya  say?


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