Union of Opposites

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The “Name of God” is a meditation on the union of all opposites in human life, philosophy and cosmic conceptualization.

… quote people in history who mention contemplation of the union of opposites …

nicolas of cusa?  alan watts, taoists, buddhists, etc

All Opposites expressed by language as categories of conceptuality

then think of all synonyms for each of the antonyms


Infinite and Finite / Infinite and Infinitesimal

I am that I am

(Undefined, Indefinability, Immeasurable Unspeakability, Ineffable, unexplained or unknowable, not containable by the mind) / (Finitude, Definable, measurable, speakable, explainable or knowable, containable by the mind)

Ideal and Real

I am that I am

Imagination and Body / Imagination and World / Imagination and Physical Reality

Perfect Will and Actuality

(Imagination, Mind, Conscious Existence) / (Body, Matter, Reality, World, Physical Existence)

Relative and Absolute

I am that I am


Sameness and Difference

I am that I am

(Identity, Categorical, Unity) / (Uniqueness, Difference, Distinction)

One and Many -or- Oneness and Multiplicity -or- Unity and Chaos and Duality

I am that I am


Great and Small

I am that I am

Micro Macro / Biggest Smallest

Inner and Outer

I am that I am

(Internal, Self, Familiar, Surface within) / (External, Other, Alien, Unfamiliar, Surface beyond)

Physical and Non-Physical

I am that I am

(Subject, Quality, Mental-Mind, Spiritual) / (Object, Physical, Body, Material-Matter)

Living and Dead

I am that I am

(Life) / (Death)

Growing, Dying / Health and Illness

Knowledge and Illusion

I am that I am

(True-Truth, Correct, Right, Real) / (False, Incorrect, Wrong, Unreal)

Being and Non-Being

I am that I am

(That which is, Existence) / (That which is not, Imagined, Created, Invented, Artificiality, Non-existence)

Good and Bad

I am that I am

(Rightness-Moral, Positive, Pleasurable, Happiness, Health, Truth, Willing)  (Wrongness, Evil, Negativity, Pain, Unhappiness, Illness, Fallacy-Confusion, Against Will)

Conscious and Unconscious (or subconscious)

I am that I am

Known and Unknown

I am that I am

Mind and No Mind (Heart) (God-Mind)

Singular point-like, limited vs infinite

Simple Physical Logic Alone vs Logic+Intuition

Beginning and Ending

I am that I am


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