Value of Writing

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Writing is something that people do.  It is an expression of authority, but also of exploration and experimentation.  Self-reflection is deepened by simple writing, recording of thoughts even in fragments.  Writing doesn’t have to be “good” – to be useful, to individual progress in the effort of learning.

Learning doesn’t happen so completely without a well-organized collection of personal writing and referenced information sources.  All writing is beneficial in the long-term, if kept in an organized space.  A personal compilation of writings will develop and grow, and become easier to manage as time goes on.  The meaning and value of writing will change as a private review process takes place, and whole understandings will form as new information is found.  Meanings will compound and connect together and form a bird’s eye overview, and the subconscious memory and active perception will integrate into a teacher’s intuition.

Writing for Memory, Self Fulfillment, Development of Knowledge

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