What is Ego ?

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Where does the idea of ego come from?  In Latin, it meant “I” being the word referring to one’s self.  The first serious psychoanalysts borrowed this word from Latin.. in order to.. ?

A bunch of silly things have been said about it since then..

Ego in the moment vs Ego over time .. effects social and personal and health and collective

Ego’s relationship to society, modernity, capitalist, waged labor, power systems, politics, nationhood

Modern society’s unquestioned and coercive expectation ego driven behavior, and people’s worried-surprised conditioned response to non-egoic behavior or naturalistic, religious behavior, ascetic, intellectual, or any form of introverted behavior which puts physiological and psychological time in priority above collectively agreed upon or societally set time dimensions, constrictions, conventions.

I am breaking this quandary down into two questions for comprehensiveness.

What is Egoic Behavior?

Technically, it is a reflexive social self defense mechanism which occurs long before ideal self-control is realized.

But it manifests as two/few behaviors fundamentally..  all ego driven behavior can be placed in these categories or described in these few ways, with peculiar specifics added per context.

It is the expression of low self esteem, either by actively placing self perceptions onto others, or by overblowing one’s own through the exertion of language towards goals of social control or establishment of belonging.  Egoic behavior manifests as this immature reflexive overcompensation for insecurity, or it is the reinforcing of collection action by force.

It can also be noticed as self-adulation masquerading as communication which is ultimately ineffective.

Also can be defined as… anything said to oneself or others while in a place where you don’t want to be.

What is THE Ego?

It is the Reality Creator.  If it is not open to all information everywhere, then it sets limits and becomes inadequate in its efforts toward full and true perception.  Its particular focus must be constructive, whether outwardly or inwardly.  The ego in the world often chooses to express itself destructively, because the world is a creation of an absent ego.  And ironically, you’re there.  And no one will answer why, or give wise guidance, because it was created selfishly and nobody really knows what they’re doing unless they are willing to enlighten everyone.

Religious people would claim that the ultimate reality creator is God, who exists both within us and beyond us.  But wouldn’t it be great if he were right here?

The trinity (0, infinity, unity) is present in all living forms.  The ego is not excluded.

Ego and God video nithya



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