What is Knowledge?

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Knowledge is a miracle because it is an act of will.

Questions have no purpose without freedom of the will, in the spirit of exploration open to all possibilities.

Only in the right spirit can questions be answered fully and clearly.


Recognition of ignorance is ONLY THING that allows for learning to occur.  Being given knowledge encoded in words is only useful if one is willing to be humble enough to integrate it into our own unique ignorance.  The peculiar orientation of our own underdeveloped, neglected, imperfectly attended-to perspective.

(The continuous -maybe infinite maybe not infinite- recognition of not-knowing, enables the continuous -maybe infinite maybe not infinite- growth of knowledge in the self)

It’s a necessary pre-condition.  It’s the only pre-condition.  And it is the condition which is prohibited or beaten out of us by the demands of material society.

The current momentum of material society prefers to avoid altogether the recognition of ignorance, condemning it in others automatically/reflexively, and skipping over its contemplation in the educational system process/procedures.  Learning is a lifelong process/effort, but we’ve made that cliche into a mockery of individual human beings.   Being forced into the embodiment of institutions has made genuine human life impossible.

 Our culture has become the murder of the basic dignity of every living person now in existence.

This makes our culture more dangerous than wilderness… Assuming that wilderness still exists; which it doesn’t.

Now that we’ve destroyed nature, there is only danger.  Security itself flees from such a state of society.  The contemporary condition of society is death.

Ego fears human nature, as much as it fears nature, as much as it fears death.

Our innate intuition of “God” is this union of the absence of knowledge and the intuition of the infinite potential of knowledge.  The Void and the eternal-infinite All are present in our singular focus which is our choice to be alive in one way or another.

Conscious intent to allow for the awareness of lack of understanding.. or… The individually willed choice to focus on the lack of consciousness…

^^^This is the only pre-condition that knowledge arise in the first place, and be developed further after its beginning^^^

The only thing that allows for learning to occur.

The miracle of knowledge is the union of our combined individual wills into a collective will toward perfection of a controlled balanced harmony with the mysterious brilliance we find within life, and the finalization of the impossibility of conflict.

This is avoided out of fear; a fear mostly instilled in us by peer pressure and the assumptions of capitalistic society, the momentum of competitively ego rationalization.  The only real blind spot is our aversion to blind spots.  Some people manage to live out their entire lives without developing their knowledge, deepening their individual consciousness.  This is frightening.  I would choose to deny it, but it seems true.

Fear is the most natural feeling for a completely isolated point of awareness which questions its own existence and value.  True community makes fear seem irrational, and eventually impossible.  When fear becomes impossible, strange ideas, whether beautiful or ugly, are likely to arise.  These ideas then become arts, philosophies, or sciences.

Is it possible for humanity to place its focus on all possible unknowns so that they all become knowable realms?

When we have no ego, self-knowledge becomes natural, but seeming miraculous, and often preferring not to speak of itself.  We therefore negate ourselves in the world.

When we assume ego to be the only reality, knowledge of the outside world becomes natural, but seeming to be the only possible knowledge.  We therefore negate ourselves in the world, again.

We have become a crippled image of our ideal self, either way we choose.  Humanity enduring human history is this crippled individual.  The miracle of a genuine and satisfying life is the transcendence of this deadening existence imposed by the “assumptions of legitimate society.”

The original miracle of the will toward knowledge was miracle enough for most people.

A second miracle is necessary.  Why should knowledge continue to negate the substance of our selves in the world?  Our collective will to survive the end of the world should be that second miracle.  Is the the overcoming of top-heavy capitalism too big a miracle for democratic idealism?

The two worlds were never separate, and we provisionally, temporarily categorize the world so that it is simple enough for those minds we assume to exist in the world of our self-identified peer group, or so-called “the only justifiable world we assume to reasonably exist.”  Whoever the hell that is.  It’s everyone we are comfortable communicating with.  It’s becoming less and less obvious who that is.  It’s really a mirror of your own values and epistemic reach.

Knowledge of only one possible world is impossible.  Knowledge of one implies knowledge of the other.  We simplify our knowledge into a duality/ism.  Only when a mind transcends this distortedly divisive focus do our language expressions become universally understandable and worthy of recording.  Conversations are only social dependencies until this occurs.  They express themselves as negations of other views.  Nondual truths enable other people and enlighten their suffering and ignorance.  This is too scarce an occurrence at the moment.  The public sphere will reflection the infinite freedom and uniqueness that makes human nature what it is.  The only thing that makes life understandable by all, and life worth living, is communication beyond ego, material attachment, the restrictions of time, and the reflexive-dejection/dismissal of others.

Knowledge has the potential to be immortal, eternal.  It can recur across lifetimes.  It has staying power.  Is this recurrence and staying power a fundamental feature of the physical field/cosmic existence?

What is the the physical manifestation of eternal “self knowledge” versus the physical manifestation of eternal “objective knowledge.”  Is this question irrational, because there is no actual eternality to true knowledge, or because the distinction between inner-outer truths?

Or should it be simplified, to say, “What are all the percievable dimensions of true knowledge from the broadest possible perspective?”

much more to add …

epistemology wiki etc..

Alan Watts – Tao Te Ching Principals – Section 5   (cut shorter and link to whole)

Knowledge is a real thing, an objective reality in its own right.  It’s subjective existence is real, but always questioned, and often denied or doubted or neglected.  The nature and potential depth of knowledge is an experience of long-term exercise of will-power.

There is depth and there is shallow expression to the display and appearance of knowledge.

The search for truth is approached as an art or a skill that is mastered, or developed and enjoyed.

consider with self knowledge

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