What is Language?

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What is Spontaneity?

A word is an anchor in the sky.  The sky of the mind/world is infinite before any definition or description is imposed on it.  The world is not required to follow any rules imposed on it by language.  Image is always more accurate and detailed and lacking contradiction.  Words ultimately strive to be imagistic, drawing active relationship between forms.

What is agreement?

What is clarity, clear communication?  Does it require agreement on meaning before anything new is said?

What is truth?  What is description?

What is accuracy of words rather than numerical measurement or geometrical modeling?

What does it mean to be sufficiently true?  What words could be more than sufficiently true?  What is a perfect geometrical model?  What words could match a perfect geometrical model?  

What combination of images and words could match the complexity and change inherent in basic existence?

Reality always outruns apprehension.  There is always infinitely more than one mind can contain.

Are you understandable to yourself?  Are you understandable to anyone else?  Can you describe the world better than you can describe yourself?

Has your knowledge ever been perfectly clear?

What perfectly clear knowledge has ever had the perfect words to express its clarity?

How many minds are required to invent a word, or a whole language?

If one mind gives birth to a new idea, how much credit is his to take?  Credit can only be taken when thanks is given by another.  Therefore, no credit can be taken personally for any truth.

Appreciation is the development of truth from the foundation of past efforts.

Simple truths are thrown away, as often as complex truths are given up on.

If an insight is conceived in a way which is not beneficial to more than one person, it may be stored in the subconscious of one person.

It is possible to preserve insights in language only if they are understandable to other people.

The World is Made of Information

The World is Made of Language

No such thing as two words with exactly the same meaning, but intentional production/collection of synonyms enriches your facility of similar and related concepts. 

There are no two words which mean exactly the same thing.

There is no “one way” / “one right way” to say anything.

And there is no “one-to-one” correspondence between words and things.

Concepts are built to refer directly to objects or events, but it was always a free choice to do so.

To know is to will.  The definition of will is freedom.  Self-knowledge yields freedom and control.

There is no “one-to-one” correspondence between words and objects in the world, as a teacher may wish or plan there to be.

To believe otherwise is simultaneously a failure to perceive will and an imposition of will.

This means that a language is a free-form art.

// And any concrete quality is an agreement, between two or more people over time who have not necessarily ever met, which is both useful and aesthetically chosen. //

Similarly, there are no two objects with exactly the same substance, and no two moments which have exactly the same content.

If two words are intended to refer to the same phenomena, the effort will yield complexification of the original meaning with enriched utility, which is physically and descriptively justified by the will toward realism and aesthetics.  In this way language grows like a tree, or any living thing, like phylogenetic variation.

A language is like a technology, but it as a tool it is more free than a technology.  A language is made of sound and light/shape/form.  A tool made of energy is more free than a tool fashioned of material.  A language is a tool which is part of a living thing.  The mind which uses the tool made of energy is more alive and therefore more free than the language itself.  Language is a record of past wills.  // Present wills are more free than past wills.  Present wills also tend to have more information to work with. //

Recording of Dreams

go back to sessionbuddy(search) about sending thoughts across space long distance, recording dreams, lsd trips etc..  notes somewhere about what to put in here… ugh..

session name:  in the next couple decades, scientists will be able to record the visual information experienced during a psychedelic trip – mind reading technology

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