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All higher ideals of mankind are potentially contained in the word God and any associated ideas.

Idealizations of the meaning of life, or the will intrinsic to a mind and heart being in harmony, or the truth and health working together.

Realizations which are worthy of the name Truth are idealizations growing from a life of the spirit.

All meanings are one meaning, growing toward a coherent reality, which will become the final psychology of a successful humanity.  Health, knowledge, and complete maturity, balance, and freedom in all living dimensions in human life.

Life is the universal coalescence of greater coherent intelligence, because real existence is the will of perfection to know itself completely, actualize previously impossible possibilities and, contradict the regressive force of expectation and frozen conceptuality.

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Every society has had a word for God, which leads some to think there is a persistent meaning, or a reality being expressed which is substantial.  This may be both an illusion and a reality.

Could be described by a set of contradictions, paradoxes

The Uncreated Creator, The Uncaused Cause, The Uneffected Effector, The Unknowable Knower, The Unmanifest which is Manifest in all things.  The source of life which is not bound within any particular body or dependent on specific physical manifestations.  A universal living energy.  An omnipresent consciousness.  That which cannot be seen but through which we see everything.  A lens.  The self beyond self.  The self within self.  That which is not physical but the essence of life.

Secular people would say God is the Unexplained Explanation, referring to God as the fallback answer when something is unknown(have i heard michael shermer say that before?? find quote and quote him specifically if so).  But people have always identified God as the unseen energy behind all phenomena in the physical universe, and it is not a giant leap to use the word God for all existence, the universe itself, as many do.  The word God is used interchangeably with the word Truth in common religious thought.  In this way God is a philosophical placeholder for both physical and nonphysical unknowns which we are striving to know.  If perfection is approached in growth of the individual toward maturity and the refining of knowledge into clarity, then God is also used for this movement toward perfection.  This may be related to through intense striving, or simply allowed to occur.  Both are reasonable, and both can be practiced in alternation.

Some would say the word God means nothing.  And they’re right.  But it also means anything and everything.  In the experience of the mystic, it is the union of the two.  Freeing the mind of thoughts leaves open all possibilities to arise without restraint.  Religious philosophy is nothing without the experience of nothing.

Are we in God?  Or is God in us?  (other post, Is the Body in the Mind? or is the Mind in the Body?)  It’s both.  The separation was an illusion, and the sin of ego is the reinforcement of the illusion.  Opposing yourself to others, which is done through ideology, is a frantic mistake, a fruitless futile intent to control and a sign of careless work.

The timeless truth which recurrently intercedes into time and maintains the genuine nature of humanity.  Consciousness of consciousness.  Contemplation of life which is the substance behind philosophy.//

Different Words for Our Chosen Reality

GOD –> general, too common, less clear in personal meaning or intent

The Spirit –> less conflict in association, less personal frictions in its possible implications or connotations

I am that I am –> most ancient, reflexively human, symmetrical, comprehensive, elaborate, contemplative potential of descriptive elaboration, a root or seed of archetypal ideation common to all religions, necessary for psychological science to be complete

Specific God-name or God-image –> obsolete, forfeiting eternality for artificial simplicity, cultish associations, arcane, unrelate-able, removed from common experience, intent of magical influence on others, voodoo-like, connotations of demon/angel summoning

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