Who are You?

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Participation in society as it is today, seems to almost require an act of hideous self-compromise from which people scarcely recover, and which then is evangelically contagious as the ego asserts itself in a spirit of triumphant survivalism.  Man’s intelligence is spread thin and squandered by way of a system which simply uses up his energy and discards him while claiming to support a community.  Where are we?

Either reality asserts itself now, or..

I don’t know who I am.  And I don’t know who any of you are.  

And why should I?

Does anyone make clear who they really are?  Everyone has a resume as a record of all the places they didn’t like enough to stay working at.

Does anyone know themselves?  And if they don’t, how can they know anyone else?

What people tend to speak about is simply a reflection of the environment which their mind has been unfortunate enough to take shape in.  School, Corporate Work, Governmental News Cycle.

If actions speak louder than words, and no one ever has anything new to say, what the hell are people doing anyway?  And why should I care?

What is a person in the modern world?  Insignificant?  Who perceives their significance?  You?

In what terms do people speak of themselves?  Any at all?  None?

Our society is based on “having a self.”  Are these selves recognized by any real community? Religious? Corporate? Government?  Are we not disposable, attackable, to be held responsible?  What value do we have if our value is defined by external institutional parameters?  Are you a name in a database, subject to obligations and orders from a remote institution?  What are you to your religion?  What are you to your employer?  What are you to your government?  Do you care?

Are you a citizen in a lively democracy?  Do you know what your government is doing?  Do you care what they think?  Do they care what you think?

Does your family make any sense?  Do your friends make sense?  Do you?  To who?

If you stop talking, are you dead?  Are your thoughts worth thinking?  Are they simply indications of what you must do next?

What purpose is communication?

Are there any real communities in the chaos of modern existence?

Are mystics recognized by modern religions?  Is their natural temperament recognized or repressed?  Are they viewed as oddities, heretics, irrelevant?  In terms of your community, how normal is fasting, philosophical contemplation of dogmas, explorative wandering and artistic fascination?

What is normal in a society which calls itself just, humane, and the most rational organization in existence?

How many corporations present themselves as communities?  Are they real or imagined communities?  How many corporations present themselves as rigid machines in service to the general community outside?

Are workers valued by modern corporate “communities”?

Are we raising our children to be good workers?  Are you a good worker?  //Is this a healthy concept in the particular social environment that we find ourselves in? Does the corporate environment that exists today actively encourage ill health?  How so?  By overworking people in unusual and awkward positions?  By making unhealthy food with deceptive packaging available at cheap prices?  By paving over and filling up the natural environment with ugly structures and polluting vehicles? — that people would have to keep themselves sane, active, happy, and where they could assemble and congregate freely//

Are workers politically represented or protected?  Are they repressed, personally ridiculed, generally vilified and put in a place of inescapable vulnerability and judgement? /Are we made to feel that we do this to ourselves?  Do we have real choices in our culture?  Or must we simply accept the environment that we find ourselves in and have no effect on it personally? / Or are we put in this position by the process of society?  Is the individual presented with real choices, absolute poverty and debt, or unquestionable servitude and poverty? //  Do you feel used?  What value is your work to you?  Are you stuck making yourself valuable to others?  Do you have any way of creating your own meaning and purpose in work?  Have you accepted a definition of work and purpose for doing it which is less than ideal?

Are you able to define yourself, your work, and your value in your own terms?  Are you living in an artifically generated economic framework which doesn’t seem like a human community at all?  Are you expected to live up to other peoples’ expectations and standards, without any reciprocal recognition of our own for ourselves?  Are you placed in a position where you have to fight for your security and defend your dignity?

What is the self?

Are your thoughts valued?  Do most people write enthusiastically after becoming interested in reading?  Does anyone try to make sense anymore?  Would anyone care to teach if anyone cared to listen?  Would anyone care to listen if anyone cared to teach?  Can people even afford the time and money to invest in books and developing ideas and personal philosophies?

People who would claim to know who they are, are always seeking meaning to an indefinite depth alone or with a communicative net of colleagues or students.  These peoples’ resumes are respected but they don’t need to worry about it.  They don’t live to make their resume more attractive.  They enrich the lives of others.  If you look up to people with a list of accolades and encourage others to respect such a list, you should probably stop talking.  If you spread the joy of knowledge and the accessibility of revelation and progressive understanding, then you should probably keep talking and writing.

Cowboy Bebop – Rain (Male Vocal Version)

I Don’t Remember – David Byrne

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Peter Gabriel feat. David Byrne – “I Don’t Remember” (Real World/EMI 2013)

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Cowboy Bebop – Rain (Female Vocal Version)

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