“Work From Home Jobs” should be a Foundation for a New Creative Economy

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Jobs inside stores and offices should be a secondary part of the economy.  They should pay far better than they do.  But they should still be secondary.  Having a service-based job which doesn’t pay well creates a horrible form a dependence which leads no where.

The real economy has always been in flux.  It has never been one thing.   What we call “the economy” has ever been reliable as a human environment or a centerpiece of human activity.  It’s an open expression contempt for the people joining it.

People should be able to produce creative work, and educate themselves, primarily at home or at a personal studio which they themselves own.

People who advocate the current state of the economy are advocating a slave-like existence.  This situation makes young people lose faith in their parents, as well as any other form of leadership they come in contact with.  It’s really a beast that steals our time and takes away our dignity.

At the present time, there seems to be no freedom of choice about what one’s workplace will be like, or the hours one would choose to work.  People should be able to create their own workplaces designed around their own purpose, preferably in their own home, or a studio of some sort.

How are we to fulfill our personal ideals in economic life?  This is the question on everyone’s mind.  Many of us are cascading into the permanently poor underclass because our parents failed to pass down any usable practical knowledge for progressing economically.  There seems to be no answer.  Youth are condemned for not wanting to feel like slaves to a “culture” which is shallow and disrespects individual workers and students.

Many of us are in danger of remaining dependent or being debilitated by debt as we succumb to premature aging brought on by a stress-producing society of artificial social facades of excellence which demand personal perfection based on someone else’s ideals.  We are berated every second of our waking life by demands from others, who seem to be selfish assholes with no shame.

There is no real economic guidance.  Career guidance is taken as a joke, and confusion about what to do with one’s life is taken to be a great personal fault.  Capitalist society is based on directing a continuous personal insult at anyone expressing the will to join the society.  We are all expected to join.  The idea of “contributing in our own way” is betrayed by pre-designed workspaces which are expedient for an absent ownership class.

It’s hard to generalize about work, because there are too many different kinds.  This is one reason why there is no coherent guidance, and no understanding of what are real opportunities.  It’s hard to say that there are any jobs that people actually want to do.  There don’t seem to be any jobs which people would willing spend a lifetime preparing for.  The entire economy is designed to be an insult to workers, making them disposable utility for the already wealthy.

I’m certain most of us want to own the space in which we work.  One way of doing this is to research jobs which are possible to do at home in front of a computer, or in our own chosen work space.  These jobs are for artists, people who want to work with information technology, researchers or literary people.  Those who want creative control of their work-life will have to consciously choose and actively plan how to do so.   Most of us want the freedom to choose our hours of work, our place of work, the materials we work with, and the purpose of the end-product of our labor, and some freedom to choose who we serve as clients.  Many of us want the freedom to work alone, or to collaborate with a small number of like-minded people who we are able to seek out for ourselves.  We also want to be in control of the psychological and physical effect that our job has on us.

Self Management, Self Ownership and Workplace Ownership,  Freedom and Flexibility on your own terms

It is a robotically compulsory service economy which has risen from the ashes of the manufacturing industry.

Uncreative service economy   vs    Creative service economy

The Uncreative Service Economy I am labelling as lacking an essential self directed quality of life, as well as self chosen educational explorative environment.

The Creative Service Economy I am labelling as .. necessarily imaginative, involving personally defined value and freedom.

In a perfect world, our self directed learning experience should flow directly into a self directed work experience in an economic environment of our choosing.

What are Realistic Work From Home Jobs?  Work From Anywhere Jobs?  Work Remotely Jobs?  We don’t want to feel continuously bossed around by a duty-driven fool who needs you to take orders without question so he can feed his kids.  We don’t want to be locked in a sunless room doing shiftwork until late at night.  Choosing what times you wish to work.. and how to organize yourself.

They are the creative economy of artists who are trying to educate themselves in unique ways, often combining conventional formal education with passionate self-driven exploration.  Often self-driven exploration can veer us away from formal education, and formal education can prevent or /frustrate/ our self-driven exploration.  They can complement each other, or they can clash and /frustrate/ each other, depending on luck, resources, outsidesupport/help and the right planning..

  • Web Developer – Site Manager and/or Builder
  • Code Writer – Software or Web Elements
  • Remote IT Management –google remote IT jobs — Transcription/Data Management-Entry
  • Graphic Designer and/or Photographer
  • Creative Writer  /Blogger/BookAuthor/ArticleWriter-magz-newsp/editor-proofreader
  • Musician/Composer-Teacher-StudioRecording
  • /Teacher, Tutor, Personal Trainer, Specialized Advisor-Consultant, or Therapist/  –google teach from home jobs
  • Product Designer and Craft Artist
  • Marketer – Independent vs Team strategies/opportunities
  • Online Store Owner / Cyber Capitalist — Wholesale Startup etc

Some of these jobs /overlap/have overlapping skill-sets each other and can be combined.  Freelancing, cooperative role-sharing, and expansive explorative learning capacity, and unrestrictive skill-set building, and innovative use of cyberspace.. are potential qualities of these fields of economic activity.  Breaking the boundaries of one of these jobs can lead into learning the skills of another, or can lead to a creative small business relationship.

The collaboration of artists is a somewhat new way for businesses to be formed and operate.  Society will inevitably develop more in that direction.  More and more new opportunities will arise for artists to find each other and cooperate to form small businesses.  People want to sustain themselves through their own creative efforts, and are willing to cooperate on that level.  Pure self-reliance was not realized by the previous generations who espoused it as a virtue.  But the future can be brighter.  If we can’t learn value-generating skills from our parents, we’re bound to learn from each other and those artists we looked up to.  Seek to learn every day.  Teaching yourself will be a necessity.

I will write a small summary for each of these bullet points as I note sources of relevant job postings, note relevant self-created work opportunities, and note potentially required or helpful educational experience/goal planning and ways of achieving it on your own time.


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