Sacred Geometry, Worship of Geometry

LINK to “Potential Geometry in Quantum Physics, Vision, and Cosmology”

LINK to “Fractals and Chaos” and “Fractal Science Documentaries”

LINK to “What is an Archetype”

LINK to “The Sacred Circle”

LINK to “Squaring the Circle”

LINK to “Math Animated” and “Supersymmetry”

maybe LINK to “Totality and the Torus” and “Ancient Cosmic Serpent Symbols”

Imagination Actualized in Idealization of All Possible Subjective Experience

Nonlinear Geometry and Cosmic Realities

Nonlinear Geometry and Living Systems

Nonlinear Geometry and Psychology

Circles and Elipses    (and Vesica Pisces, interaction of circular geometries)

Spirals    (and Leminiscates)

Spheres and Spheroids

Tori and Toroids

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