Write a Personal Political Manifesto

Write a personal political manifesto.  Short but comprehensive.  Then work until it changes or evolves, and then rewrite it.

make all below into links

Justice Democrats



Policy Focus

* Medicare for All *

* Free College Tuition *

* Worker’s Rights * Raise Minimum Wage

* Women’s Rights *

* Voting Rights *

* Environmental Justice * Climate Change * Renewable Energy *

* Criminal Justice System Reform *

* Policing Reform*

* Taxing Wall Street *

* Campaign Finance Reform – Get Big Money Out of Politics *

Corporations Are Not “People”

“Tax Cuts for the Rich” were said to be made permanent — How is that legally possible?  Ways around it? study up.

Human Centered Media

Secular Talk Radio

Jimmy Dore Show

The Young Turks

TYT Politics

TYT Nation

Democracy Now

Democracy At Work

TheRealNews Network

Bernie TV

Thom Hartmann Show and Big Picture

David Pakman Show

Majority Report with Sam Seder

Laura Flanders Show

Bill Press Show

Benjamin Dixon Show

Tim Black Show

The Ring of Fire – Mike Pap etc

The Humanist Report

Abby Martin’s Empire Files etc

TeleSUR English

Organizing Democracy is Transcending the Satanic Elite

Our Revolution

Democratic Socialists of America

Democracy for America

Progressive Democrats of America

Brand New Congress

Common Defense

Food and Water Action

National Nurses United

Working Families Party

Fight For 15

Millenials For Revolution

Women’s March

Labor For Our Revolution

Healthcare Now

People For Bernie

Good Jobs Nation

Young Progressives Demanding Action



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